Monday, November 28, 2005

Hurrah for another successful fundraiser!

Yesterday was the Faure's Requiem workshop, in which we invited people to come along and learn it in a day, then perform it in the evening, with all money raised from both the concert and the workshop going to the CF Trust.

It was a fantastic day; the atmosphere was just wonderful, with everyone having a really good time plus knowing they were doing it for a charitable cause. I always find that though, with all charity events I have been to - the general atmosphere is always so positive and warm. The strongest example of this was the Hydro active women's challenge in Hyde Park this summer, where the commaradarie between the runners was so lovely. Ooh this whole post is a big group hug moment I'm afraid!

I have spent the whole of today in bed resting up and trying to allow my poor old lungs to catch up a bit. I always liken my lungs to a really clapped out old car that's about to fail its next MOT, so for all you motor enthusiasts just imagine you have driven said car up the M1 and that is how angry and exhausted my lungs are! No matter though, as I have timetabled in today and tomorrow to lie in bed and give them some TLC, and yesterday was so worth it for the sheer fun of it, not to mention the good cause.

YAY! Am back off to bed, with a mug of hot choc!


Kiera said...

Sounds absolutely superb.
Well done to all involved.

Mark said...

*hugging you....The hot chocolate in bed sounds lovely....Going to try it tonight! And WELL DONE for all the fundraising! xxx