Sunday, November 20, 2005

I've had another really "itchy" day today; that's the only way I can describe it, where I am just restless and fidgety, more internally than physically though. Essentially I have spent most of the day swaying between a nice cuddly mood and one where i wish to devour anyone's head who dares speak to me. let's hope sanity has returned by tomorrow eh Well at least as much as we can normally expect from me!!It usually happens when I have been stuck in the house for too long, so it didnt really make sense today, as I have had a lovely weekend. My old flatmate from Uni came down to stay, which was hugely fun! We just laugh and laugh about the most stupid things, I love her because she's one of these people that can see humour in a seemingly mundane or unamusing situation.

However today has been strange, I keep having mood swings like sudden spurts of desperation to get away, escape for a couple of days. I suspect that's it really, the knowledge that I cant just escape for a couple of days should I feel the need is what makes it seem all the more frustrating. Then again, who in the real world does have the luxury of running off on holiday whenever they feel like it?! Note to self: try and remember that actually not everyone else is constantly taking mini-breaks left right and centre!

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Kiera said...

I wish my life consisted of constant mini breaks too!