Friday, August 21, 2009

ohhhh lordy.

Time has gone rather fast. How is it that during the school holidays I'm even less capable of keeping my blog up to date?!

This will be a brief one as I am madly preparing for the LLTGL Advocate weekend. I am hugely excited but a little nervous, as I've organised it so I really hope it goes ok and they get lots out of it. Some of you I know have read the other recent LLTGL news and I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely messages of support.

This week my lovely friend Mrs W and I disappeared off for a bit of pampering at a Spa. We were lucky with the weather (as demonstrated by the pics) and had a wonderful and very relaxing time.

Our little house is feeling well and truly like home. I adore it here and am so happy. I feel very much like we belong here.

Told you it was only a short one! Stay smiley all.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I have had a rather busy and exciting week.

For the last few months, A and I have been working on getting our very own little home. I have, over this time, learnt that I do not like banks but that I am not quite as inept as I thought I was at all things money related.

A little while ago we found one. A little while later we made an offer. And on Friday, we got the keys.

It's been a truly wonderful experience. When we first moved in to our house with rosesinthefrontgardenandeverything, I wasn't really able to be a part of it, as we'd literally just signed the rental agreement when my lung decided I needed a 3 month vacation chez Brompton. By the time I came out (chest drain still in) I was in a pretty weak state and most of our stuff had been moved in anyway, and it was a bizarre and disjointed entrance.

This time I have been involved in everything. Everything from going in and sweeping and hoovering and polishing to helping move furniture. Well, actually it was predominantly standing watching the guys heave the sofa up the stairs trying to say helpful things and stay quite far out of the way.

When we gave the keys of our house with rosesandeverything back to the landlord I could feel the tears coming, but I managed to hold off till we were safely back in the car and out of view. I cried a lot. I do feel like I have left a lot behind in that house. So much happened there; various events and memories that one will associate with a home as well as some pretty key moments: my almost fatal lung collapse, LLTGL was first dreamt up in that lounge, Emmie and I sat on the floor sorting Tshirts and discussing plans, my call for transplant...then after transplant, A and mine engagement and then's seen a lot that little house.

As I say I do feel like I have left a lot behind. Neither in a good nor a bad way. It's just a big change, another big step forwards, and some things now seem further in the past.

A and I are very cosy in our new place. It's still hugely exciting that we're in our very own little house, I don't think I can quite believe it, even though it already feels like home. What a lucky girl eh?

I haven't even felt the need to decorate everything pink. In fact I distinctly heard myself say to A "I'll have to get new towels, pink ones just don't go..."

I must be growing up.