Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another manic but fantastic week this week.

In my job, getting the pupils to perform in concerts is quite a bit part of it. And what time of year guarantees a concert or seven? Christmas. So this week is rather hectic however I am loving it and so far all pupils have made me uber-proud.

We also launched our annual LLTGL Christmas Media Campaign yesterday which has hit the ground running and so I am being kept rather busy with that when not rehearing/performing. I am amazed every year at all the fantastic people who volunteer to talk about their own stories, some of them extremely difficult and sad, just to try and help others understand what it is like at this time of year, to be affected by Transplant or Organ Donation.

We've had a brilliant response so far, and I'm very much hoping it continues. I have said it so many times but you cannot underestimate the power of seeing a real life story in the Media. Watching or reading about the human side of things touches people in a way facts and figures cannot. We are indebted to the fab LLTGL volunteers who time and time again come up trumps.

And finally and most excitingly of all, we have a gorgeous sparkly Christmas tree up in our lounge so now it properly feels like Christmas. I finish work on Saturday and am so looking forward to the fantastic traditions our family somehow still maintain. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been a bit quiet haven't I...

Sorry about that.

Life is hectic. But wonderful :) I am trying to get organised for Christmas (and not succeeding) trying to keep away from colds (and not succeeding) and generally rushing around like a headless chicken (succeeding very well on that one).

Like the pretty widget thing for Holly's Battlefront campaign I've put in my sidebar? You can get one by visiting her page and scrolling down to promote this campaign.

Off to write some Christmas cards. I am I am I am.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

We have a new website!


Go and have a look! It's obviously not quite finished yet but hopefully you'll agree it's looking pretty good so far!

Can you tell I'm excited?

Off to calm down now...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Another hectic week has flown by...

But hectic in a really really good way. Lots and lots going on behind the scenes for LLTGL, Holly is feeling much better and mending well so her Battlefront campaign is getting a big kick-start, and work wise one of my Choirs is in a competition just before Christmas, not to mention the fact that of course all schools and choirs have Christmas concerts...

So it's rather manic right now! I was feeling nice and smug and proud that I started my Christmas shopping this week, then I received two Christmas cards in the post - people are so organised they're already sending their Christmas cards?! Erk!

I absolutely adore Christmas; sparkly lights, tinsel, glitter, presents, marzipan, clearly it's one of my favourite times of year! I am however rather scared at how fast it is approaching; this whole year has flown by incredibly quickly.

This is really quite a nothing update just to reassure people that everything is fine, just busy! Hope everyone else is also well and smiley.

Oh and one more thing, a little ask because if you don't ask you don't get...

My friend Jake got his transplant two months ago. All great, all fantastic, big celebration. He's a lovely guy, and his wife Laura equally so. They got married in the Summer so this is their first Christmas together.

Only Jake has had quite a few complications and setbacks. To the extent that he definitely will not be able to go home for Christmas. Not only that but some complications relating to his trachi tube means he will not be able to eat, drink or talk for the next few months until he's strong enough for them to sort it.

When I was ill some friends set up a Transplant Fund for me. Knowing how much of a strain Hospital puts on the family, I have set up a similar one for Jake. If anyone would like to contribute even the tiniest amount of Christmas cheer - please contact me through my website. Huge thank yous in advance.