Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Today is the day my mum has been waiting and hoping for....I'm going to dedicate an entire blog to her.
Actually the reason today is so exciting for my dear mother is that she is celebrating the big 5 - 0! Anyone who has met her will know that that's very hard to believe, but it's true. So I would like to take the opportunity to write about the wonder that is my mum.

When people meet my mum for the first time, I think the main thing they are hit by is the sheer energy she brings with her. Apparently I'm quite like my mum, but I'd say you need to times everything by 200 - volume, passion, chattiness etc - and you're coming somewhere close. Meeting my mum for the first time can leave you feeling a little like you've been hit by a tornado, but there's no doubt that her enthusiastic and warm personality is completely infectious. She wrote in my blog once and her post received the highest number of comments my blog has ever recieved.

My mum is a huge inspiration to me. She is one of the strongest people I know, but unashamedly wears her heart on her sleeve. She taught me that being brave isn't about keeping a stiff upper lip; sometimes it's about weeping copiously about the sad times and then picking yourself up and moving forwards. She taught me that family and friends are pillars of strength that can give even the blackest situation some colour again.

As a child, my mum taught me that politeness, manners, and good behaviour are not an optional extra. Her capacity to love and care for my sisters and I in equal and abundant measure, especially throughout the turbulent health years, is exceptional. She's been there for me every single step of the way, physically and mentally, and has fought my corner fiercely when I've not had the energy to fight it myself.

My mum has shown me that if you want something, you should go after it. Nothing is unachievable with hard work, and you're never too old to start something new. My mum has had several different careers, and not so many years ago, she decided she wanted to be a teacher; she is now a headmistress and has just completed her MA.

My mum taught me that my CF doesn't mean I'm more unlucky than others or that I am allowed to wallow in self-pity, but that everyone has their own burden to bear, and you just have to get on with it. People say I'm great at making the most of life, but it's because of her that I'm able to do so.

I have learnt from my mum that you have to lead by example; if you believe in something, then you need to be the one to set about doing it. Don't wait for the world to change, go out and change the world. That even if some people don't believe it can be done, you can be the one to try and achieve it.

My mum has shown me how to seek joy in life; how to look for the positive, find the funny side, and enjoy the moment. She's shown me that a rich and fulfilled life isn't handed to you on a plate, but instead you have to grab it with both hands and make the most of it. I am biased, but I believe that she is truly one in a million, and I couldn't be luckier to have such a wonderful loving role model in my life.

Happy 50th Birthday Mummy, thank you for being you xxxxxxx