Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The luckiest girl in the world.

Almost a year has passed since I last blogged. As I'm sure you've all gathered now (and by "you all" I'm clearly assuming that anyone still checks in on this blog) I stop writing when life is going well. So you can probably also gather from that that life is going very well indeed.

I just feel so incredibly lucky to have this wonderful life I have now, thanks to organ donation; to my donor, to the hospitals and staff who saved me, to my family and friends who kept me going.

Six years on and life is magical. I am working in a job I love, I own a house and have to worry about things like the mortgage, council tax, and bills. I am edging ever closer to 30, an age which at one point I was convinced I'd never see. I am normal. Life is normal. Life is wonderful. And this year, life is about to become that little bit more special as I am going to become a mummy.

Several years ago, A and I embarked on a surrogacy journey which would prove to be quite a roller coaster. Surrogacy is essentially where some very special individual offers to carry your baby for you, and is done for those who cannot carry their own child for whatever reason. Mine was the risk it posed to these precious new lungs; it was ill-advisable and I knew I could not risk jeopardising this gift.

You can find out all about our surrogacy escapades on mine and Niki's (the incredible woman who is doing all this for us) joint blog:

Please remember to keep spreading the word about organ donation; there are so many people out there waiting to embark on this potential chapter in their life which is currently just out of their reach. People like Sam, like Kerry, who are still waiting for their new life to begin.

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