Thursday, February 22, 2007

I said in the last post that any developments would be posted a.s.a.p, and you'll be pleased to know that there have been several in the last week! Since the last post, Emily has had a speaking valve fitted, so has been talking lots, and she has been able to eat (with the trachae still in)... consuming everything she can, from pasta to soup to scrambled eggs!

She also had the wonderful experience of going outside for the first time in six weeks, wrapped in a blanket of course. It has just been wonderful to have Em feeling herself again... I saw her yesterday when she was taking part in some physio (something she says is the highlight of her day). This strenuous 'training' involved some spectacular line dancing! I can't describe the feeling of seeing the first real beaming smile on her face since the operation, and I'm just so happy it's all become real to her.

Today was the biggest step; Emily was moved on to E ward, the regular ward for post-transplant recovery. For myself, Abby and our parents, being in and out of the ITU for seven weeks has been a surreal experience... very serious for obvious reasons, but also very uplifting. It is amazing to see the doctors and nurses dedicating everything to their patients, and the positive and professional approach of Em's transplant team and physios has been truly inspirational. It is very exciting to have Em on E ward, especially as now the whole family can cram in and sit together, which hasn't happened for quite a while. Thanks again for your continuing support, Em sends her love and will be instructing me when and what to update until she has access to it herself.

P.s. This is Lucy... sorry Emmie I didn't realise you had just posted too! I would also like to thank everyone who got a ticket for LFL... it's going to be a once in a lifetime evening, and I'm very happy that it's going to be everything Emily imagined. Enjoy the show!
Hi everyone, it's Emmie here! I thought I'd give everyone a little update on a big project that Emily and I started work on 6 months ago and which is now finally almost complete!

As some of you may know, last summer Emily was in hospital for several months and during that time she was contacted by the legend that is Bill Bailey, who phoned her up for a chat and ended up being on the phone for an hour (I wonder if he actually got a word in edgeways?!)

Anyway, Bill Bailey was so touched by Emily's situation and personality that he offered to do whatever he could to support the Live Life Then Give Life Campaign (which Emily and I founded last year). Well with an offer like that, organising a charity comedy night was the obvious option!

In the midst of all the preparations however, Emily decided it was a good time to invest in a new pair of puffers (she had heard they were this seasons' latest accesory...) and left me staring down the barrel of a gun with 6 weeks to pull together the entire show (thanks Em!) Not that I would have changed anything for a minute as I am just so happy that Emily has finally got the chance she has been waiting so long for and I'd organise 15 shows if it meant she could have this opportunity.

Thankfully in Em's absence I have had some wonderful helpers in the shape of our mutual friend Oli Lewington, my husband Brad and a variety of others and I'm delighted to say it's NEARLY READY!!! Laughter for Life! takes place on March 4th 2006 and all information can be found HERE

We were astounded when tickets sold out in just 2 weeks and are delighted that we will have a full house on the night. Apologies to those of you who haven't had a chance to get tickets, but if you would still like to show your support for a venture that Emily has put a HUGE amount of work into, then please visit our Justgiving Page where you can make a donation. All funds raised will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust to be used for the specific purpose of improving organ transplant services in the UK - thereby giving more people the second chance in life that Emily has received.

Well that's it from me folks. I'll leave Emily's family to continue with the updates but from what I've heard it's all good positive progress still!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hi, Lucy again.

Em has been doing really well this week, now she can communicate (by mouthing words) and knows exactly where she stands with her recovery. The team agree it's still a lengthy process, but they're delighted with the way Emily has continued making steady progress everyday. I must correct at this point the bizarre rumour that Emily has walked for ten minutes... i'm not sure whose rumour mill that originated from, but it wasn't ours! She has done some fantastic short walks across the room, usually a couple of goes at a time (with the help of a trolley and a physio) but as she's still hooked up to every contraption available, she's fairly restricted, and still very much getting used to the situation.

After the complexities of her initial recovery period, she is quite weak and has to begin using her muscles again slowly. Em is very smiley and eager to hear about things going on outside the hospital, and has shown a new-found love for cookery shows to entertain her... we all expect a gourmet meal the minute she's feeling better! Her physios and doctors have had nothing but glowing reports for the last few days, and are hopeful about engaging in the various steps to get her onto the regular ward from ITU, this week if things go as well as they can. Please dont expect to hear of any aerobics or kickboxing quite yet, but the main thing is lovely Em is firmly back on the road to recovery, and determined to do everything she can to help it along. Thanks again for all the positive wishes, we're a very lucky family to have so much support from all around. More updates will be added as soon as any major changes come along.