Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been a bit quiet haven't I...

Sorry about that.

Life is hectic. But wonderful :) I am trying to get organised for Christmas (and not succeeding) trying to keep away from colds (and not succeeding) and generally rushing around like a headless chicken (succeeding very well on that one).

Like the pretty widget thing for Holly's Battlefront campaign I've put in my sidebar? You can get one by visiting her page and scrolling down to promote this campaign.

Off to write some Christmas cards. I am I am I am.


Darkies Gem said...

It is odd when you get quiet.....*runs and ducks for cover from flying knives*.

Seriosly hun, don't worry-we know your off been busy! You're a hardworking Superwoman. You're allowed a break from filling us in on what's happening in your life, I understand. Just don't stay away too long, as I like reading how you're doing:D
(this is coming from a person, who can't be bothered to update her own blog:P)

Gem xxxx

Darkies Gem said...

Hmmm, just realised how soon after you posted, then I posted too-I'm notstalking you-honest!

I've just finished writing Christmassy cards. It's hectic this having a life/social life thing. Means I now have to write out billions of cards lol.
Gem xxx

lulu said...

Hey hun thanks for info today. I so know what u mean bout the xmas cards, lol! I'm thinking of doing e-cards as feeling lazy!!

Yup, Im restricted to online shopping for now but hopefully next yr I will be hitting the shopping centres!!!