Saturday, November 05, 2005

Happy Bonfire Night!

Hoping to go and see the local firework display tonight; I love fireworks, there is something slightly magical about them, plus the whole tradition of bonfire night holds strong childhood memories for me of being wrapped up warm on a freezing cold night, and being right up close to the bonfire so that you can feel the heat on your face.

Spent all yesterday at the hospital (deep unadulterated joy) as I was starting IVs and the whole process takes hours. I came away with only one IV drug, as apparently I am currently resistant to almost everything. Which makes it slightly trickier to find stuff to prescribe me!

I met with one of the transplant surgeons whilst I was there for a brief discussion on the transplant procedure itself, as well as getting "measured up" - yes literally, tape measure and all - for my new lungs. It was a rather surreal thing to have done, and if I closed my eyes I could imagine I was being fitted for something far more exciting like a wedding dress or something similarly spectacular!

Have a good weekend all, stay smiley!

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