Thursday, November 17, 2005

I had the interview with the Times journalist today. I think it went well, we talked for 2 1/2 hours (oh dear god I talk to much) and so hopefully I managed to get some good stuff in there! The article should be out within the next few weeks, in the saturday section, so fingers crossed its a good one! Photographer coming next week and everything.....argh!

Me and my man are off christmas shopping tonight (YAY) along with Denzel (my wheelchair) and Margery (my O2 cylinder - dont ask me why but personifying my medical equipment has become a bit of a trait with me, I think it makes it all less foreboding). It's Debenhams last day of their sale, and so they are open till midnight. Although knowing me and knowing where we are going it will turn into an "OOH there's a H&M let's just pop in there...." shop and all thought of presents for others and christmas etc will rapidly dissolve. Am muchly excited at prospect of choosing all new christmas lights and decorations for the first time in our little house! Maybe November is a little early to be doing this but hey ho!

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