Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hurrah for muchly busy-ness!!

Have had a good and productive few days, which always makes me feel better! Mind you I say that but there isnt really anything of significance to report from monday, its just I got lots of "bits" done; you know all those tiny annoying jobs which sit and niggle at you if you leave them incomplete! Paid various bills, managed to do a load of washing (all by myself baby yeah - its remarkable how much like a superhero doing a menial task can make you feel!) and then in the afternoon popped back to the highschool to watch the year 11's performance. They were very good, and very sweet, coming up to me afterwards to ask what I thought of it all. It gives me a really nice "alive" feeling being in the school, like being completely submerged in a warm bath or something, I think it is being immersed in humanity and society and all its loud bubbling variety....OK am going off on one, but when you sit at home on your own a lot, you really do take notice and soak it all in when you get the chance!

Then yesterday the photographer from the Times came, and that was a little bit scary but mostly great fun! Am a natural poser (I wont bother saying otherwise as I will only be ferociously corrected!) and the photographer was really nice, so I quite enjoyed the whole photo session. Hopefully he got some good ones and the article should be out in the next few weeks! eeek!


Kiera said...

Wahey! Pics too.

Mark said...

Hiya....thanks for your lovely commments.....I am only popping on for a minute but will check out your blog fully tomorrow (when I can give it the time it deserves)....Stay positive..mwah! xxxxx