Thursday, November 03, 2005

Today i will mostly be....resting!

Had a brilliant day playing the roll of teacher yesterday, not for my own amusment no, but as i went to my old school and did supply teaching for the day! it was a fantastic experience, despite the fact i have always sworn i would never teach highschool kids; not only are they scary but they are nearly all taller than me, including the year 7s. However the children were brilliant, all of them were. What i love about kids is how straight down the line they are; if they want to know something, they ask. And then there's no hidden agenda. So with my oxygen, a few asked why i was wearing it, one asked if the cylinder was heavy (!) and that was about it. So much easier than dealing with adults who meet me for the first time, and you can practically read the "dont mention the war" syndrome in their eyes.

So the day was great, but consequently i am completely exhausted now and my chest feels like i have been in a car crash, and i have the lung function of a small rodent. I must have shouted more than i thought yesterday...! Was so totally worth it for the mental stimulation though; i love working with children, its definitely something i will persue post transplant. When my plans for becoming a famous and successful TV presenter fall through that is.


Askinstoo said...
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Aleksey said...
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Kiera said...


I recognise you from the pwcf link.

Good to have you in the land of blog.

Best wishes. :0)