Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A few weeks ago I was in a very profound and thoughtful mood and i sat down at the computer, and just started writing. It was a sort of stream of conciousness really, a rather cathartic exercise i must admit, but just me trying to get down on paper some of my main feelings about my current situation and waiting for transplant. As it was initially intended for my eyes only it is very very honest and blunt about the whole situation.

Following talks with the PR people at the CF trust about how they wanted to draw attention to transplants and organ donation, i sent them this piece incase it might be of some use in raising awareness. Anyway yesterday i got a call telling me that they had had a huge response from journalists and selected the Times to do a feature on it all in their section Body&Soul!

It's all a bit nervewracking really - obviously i am not stupid and i sent it with the intention of it being published or brought out into the media circuit, as that is how you raise awareness. however this is a new thing for me, as its not just an interview (i dont think) it includes something i have actually written myself. And as anyone who actually reads this blog will know, my ability to write coherently comes and goes...!!

The interview is this week so i suspect the feature will be out within the next few weeks. I have shown both my parents my piece and they were both extremely complimentary, which is a huge relief, as that's all that matters really. And even if it makes just one person pick up the phone and register as an organ donor, then it was worth doing. Am now heading back to bed to do my IVs (which incidentally stands for Introvenous antibiotics, as I dont think i explained that before) where it is warm, as I can feel icicles forming on my extremities!

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Kiera said...

How exciting! (the media interest, not the IV`s.)..Will keep a look out for the article.