Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Already it's wednesday and the week is flying by!

I have had a fairly proactive day today, sorting out bits and bobs over the phone and even putting on a load of washing! It is so rediculously frustrating at times - I am sure that deep down I am a natural housewife (honest) but the physical toll from carrying out such a small task is rediculous.

So as a bribe to rest up, I have bought myself Monty Python's Life of Brian to veg out infront of! However I have a newly installed determination to get out and about a bit more, as I dont think all this being stuck inside is good for me. It is making me behave and feel a bit like a caged animal! I talked it over with a friend of mine who suggested getting out once a day, even if it is just to drive around the block, or sit in a cafe to drink a coffee. And I think he's so right, it is vital for your sanity to keep some sort of regular life going, even when it's so much easier to just curl up and hibernate day after day. Lugging my O2 cylinder around makes things a little more tricky but I am sure I can brainstorm a few ideas of little escape activities to break up the day!

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Scott said...

Hi, discovered you by clicking on the 'next blog' link on Blogger. I think you should hold out for the TV presenter job! Hope you're new lungs are not too far away. consider me one of your readership.