Thursday, November 10, 2005

An entry two days in a row?! Shocking!

Today I am mostly being known as master of all household appliances, and housewife/independant woman of the year. I called the ovenmendingman out (oh dear this is a poor start, am not even sure of his title, though I suspect engineer may be more accurate) as on lighting the oven, and then watching the flame, it would suddenly jump up to a large roaring flame, which I felt sure was wrong. Even when i turned the dial thingie down, the flame stayed strong and vicious. So I was adult and compitent and called for someone to come and inspect it. Unfortunately it turns out that is completely normal, as the oven works on a thermostat, not just a direct flame to nob-turning relationship, and therefore, there is actually nothing wrong with said oven at all.

I managed to retain my dignity by thanking him and highlighting the large quantities of oxygen cylinders in the house, saying you can never be too careful. So it does have its uses after all then.

I feel better after that confession of incapability! Have a good day, todays outing involves a trip to the post office (woo) and then back home to snuggle in the warm. I love that feeling, when you have been out in the cold and biting wind, and then you return home to a warm cosy house. Stay smiley!

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Kiera said...

That`s a funny story.
Good to know there`s someone else out there who becomes befuddled by technology.