Saturday, December 03, 2005

The workings of my mind...

Ok in a moment of genius (honest) I think it has just come to me to be able to explain my mental attitude towards life. People are ALWAYS talking to me in awe about the way I view and handle things, and I genuinely believe that there is nothing special about me, it is just how I naturally see things. To me, it is a logical perspective. And I think I have found a good analogy.

You are walking along a road, in the mountains (lets say) trying to get to your destination. Suddenly, there is an avalanche, and in front of your eyes, the rocks come crashing down and the path is blocked by debris. You are shocked, shaken, and pretty scared. And now the route you were about to take is blocked.

Now here is where you have a choice. You can stand and look at that route, curse the fact you can no longer go down it, scream at it, hurtle abuse at it, and generally put a lot of energy into things which don’t actually help you advance further on your journey.

What I tend to do is sit down, have a good cry (after all what you have just been through was pretty scary!) and then stand up, turn round, and start walking in a different direction, to find a way around it. Yes it wasn’t the way I had planned to go at first, but that route is no longer an option. Surely to sit and focus on the route that could have been would just waste more time and energy? And I have places to go! So I go another way. To me this is logical. I can’t sit and focus on what I cant do or what could have been or what I wish I could be doing, because it’s just not how my brain works! I hope it makes more sense now.

I do find it slightly amusing that it is 8am on a Saturday morning and I am up because my lungs decided they did not like breathing in a horizontal position any more, and that is when I decide to try and explain the inner most workings of my mind!

Think I will go and make a cup of tea. Have a good day!!


Kiera said...

I think there`s a lot of us who could learn a thing or two from such an great attitude.

Read The Times article on the train on the way home from London. It was very well done, and for me probably the most frank and authentic piece of writing i`ve seen on the subject of cf/transplant awareness.

Kiera said...


Just correcting a typo.

Mark said...

I saw The Times article today....It was EXCELLENT wasn't it. And you are so cute too! Well done you and lets hope it brings a few more people to the transplant register and some more cash for research - we could all benefit from gene therapy when it gets