Friday, December 09, 2005

Wow, what an insane week!

I have loved it though, it's ages since I have been this busy and I am thriving off it! Saturday the Times article came out, then monday I spoke to the Daily Mirror. Tuesday another journalist came over to interview my mum for one magazine and me for another, and Wednesday was GMTV. Then today a photographer came for the Mirror piece and I had some more questions to answer for the magazine interview. And the highlight of the week being my sparkly shoes made a guest appearance on GMTV because the camera zoomed out to show my O2 cylinder! Woohoo!

So what a week it has been!! The magazine interview was very tough emotionally, as my mums interview was first, and obviously they ask some extremely taxing and probing questions which made her quite upset at points. It is heartbreaking watching my mum cry, I am fiercely protective of her but extremely proud because she did an amazing interview despite finding some of it very hard. But she says she also found it incredibly cathartic, which I do too, and so I think she understands slightly better why I do these things.

I have put a link up to the Times article, for anyone that wants to see it that hasnt already! Hope everyone else has had a simply splendid week...I am looking forward to a good quiet weekend snuggled up in the warm. Oh and lungs have started to comply again and the pain is much better so a big yay for that!

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Emmie said...

Loving your blog on here Emily Wemily Wooo! Have just spent the last half hour reading it all and I'm meant to be writing Christmas cards AAARGGGH! I am so useless at allowing myself to get distracted! However it was worth it cos your blog ROCKS hunni! Oh and you gotta become a TV presenter cos then I can show off to everyone about my famous friend hee hee! Anyway my exclamation mark key is about to get worn out and those Christams cards are still staring at me so I'd better go. So just sending ypou a huge MWAH and a big huggle! Love Emma XXX