Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It is really quite chilly outside now; the birdbath has remained frozen over for the last few days, much to poor George's dismay (the robin that lives in the garden, yes I have befriended him as he makes the most suitable pet for me by far - if I forget to feed him, he finds food elsewhere!) and I just love the feeling of being snuggled up indoors, with the fire on, looking at the frosty garden!

After promising myself I will have a much more restful week this week, so far I, erm, havent. Yesterday I went christmas shopping as I was beginning to get slightly unnerved at the high number of people who were talking about "last bits and bobs" they had to get when in fact I had yet to even start. However I have now made a good start, and have nearly finished writing all my christmas cards, so they can go in the post tomorrow. YAY!

I went to the costumiers today with my mum as we are going to a party on friday which is "come as something beginning with S". I am absolutely over the moon as I found a sleeping beauty style dress, deep rose pink and white satiny material, which is essentially every little girls dream, and therefore perfect for me! Whilst we were there, a lady approached me and said "excuse me, aren't you that girl off the telly?" (yes her exact words). I found the "off the telly" bit amusing, as you could add up my minutes of airtime on one hand, but it was fun being recognised! The nasal specs and O2 cylinder do give it away some what I suppose. She told me that both her children had phoned and registered as organ donors after watching, which was the highlight of my day. Second to finding a princess dress that is.


Kiera said...

Hurrah for your growing celebrity status. And the dress.

Kiera said...


Just a quick line from LA to say I saw your piece on Richard and Judy via the net after a friend at home mentioned seeing it.
I guessed it might be you.
Really powerful and honest.
Hope you have a great Christmas.