Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yet again time has flown by with all sorts of busy-ness taking place. Sarah's fancy dress party was a great success, with some wonderful costumes (one girl coming as the sea which I thought was fab) and I thoroughly enjoyed wafting around in my full satiny dress playing the princess part rather well.

When christmas shopping on monday, I receieved a call from Richard and Judy, to ask if they could feature me the following day. In a matter of hours the camera crew was at my little house, rearranging my furniture and then filming footage that would be used to create a short VT to be shown along side Heather Mills-McCartney's appearance supporting the donor family network.

I watched the R&J show on tuesday night from the comfort of the largest bed I have ever seen, as my man and I went away for a luxury break at a gorgeous hotel which had beauty treatments and a spa, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Watching myself cry on TV was slightly strange, and weirdly made me cry again (how egotistical!) but I think that it was quite a powerful clip, and if even one person signed up after watching that then it was worth doing! Incidentally you can watch the clip here I believe (if that hyperlink has worked I am in fact a technological genius. Fact.)

Am now off to wrap christmas presents as I really should have finished doing so and havent.

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