Saturday, April 29, 2006

I just updated my training blog and on doing so realised (yes I am very fast and very bright) that there is a title option, and also that I have been filling in said title option on that blog. Annoyed at my own incompetence (observant readers can probably see there are absolutely no titles whatsoever on this blog) I rushed over to this one to see if I really had just not seen the box, but there is no such option here! I wonder why? Maybe the template has been rejigged since I started blogging, or perhaps when I managed to make my layout go all wonky I somehow deleted the option (which would mean it was here and I did overlook it for approximately 4 months so I hope that isnt the case).

Enough ramble. I went for training session number two which as you can see on my other blog was a success. I am enjoying it in general, not to mention terribly over excited at the prospect of septembers event being great fun, and I think there are many benefits to this plan of mine.

One of the best things about this training is that I am learning to pace myself. I am absolutely appalling at doing so - as I usually only do things that require a sudden spurt of energy, such as getting dressed, or getting from the house into the car, I push myself to rush through it and get it done, and then sit gasping and breathless with a usually prolonged recovery time. I have been told off for this by various physios, however on speaking to other people with CF I think this is quite a common method of attack. Plus I am just terribly impatient, and doing things slowly frustrates me.

Perhaps it is because although I have the lungs of a 95 year old (actually, one lung function print out I read said "lung age: over 100 years." Mmmm, wrinkly!) my mind, motivation and of course the rest of my body and health is that of a 22 year old...well mind is sort of that of a toddler but I digress. The point being the rest of me wants to run around as normal. When sitting stationary, I feel like I could leap up, stride out of the door, round to the shops, pick up a bag of shopping, stride back and cook a meal (stop sniggering all those people who know me better than that). And I think even though I know I cant do these things, when it comes to physical activity I have to do, such as washing my hair, I find it very hard to do in an abnormally slow fashion.

So this training is making me pace myself. Because I know I have quite a distance to walk, particularly if I dont want to get stuck at the other end of the road, and so I set off at a sensible and regulated pace. And according to medically people that is a much more sensible way of doing things and much better for me. We all know what's coming....YAY!


Simba said...

A BIG HURRAH for embarking on your next endeavour. You show them doctors and physios what you can do.
Happy Training!
Love Ms Simba xxxxxxxxxxxx

Emmie said...

I love your blog so much sweetie! I'm sat here gigling at your description of your toddlerness mind ;o) I'm still not convinced I can imagine you approching anything in a calm and rational fashion but I'm trying...honest :p Anyway GO YOU AND YOUR SUPER TRAININGNESS YAY!
Love Em xxxxx