Sunday, April 02, 2006

I am back in the good old CF ward, in "my room". I was transferred back over yesterday; as it is the weekend and hospital transport doesnt run after 5pm on a friday (because no one will need to move wards at the weekend clearly) it was up to my mum, A, and 2 friends to get me, my bags, and various machinary back across to the other hospital!

It was a most amusing transfer, the carpark attendants obviously slightly suspicious of my mum and A's non official dress refused point blank to let them into the carpark to pick me up. Muchly arguing ensued and eventually they were begrudgingly given permission. Sparkly slippers donned, bags all packed and ready to go, the small matter of getting the ultrasonic nebuliser (imagine small coatstand/crane like contraption on wheels) back across was another matter entirely, and as there was no way it would fit in the car, my two friends were talked into wheeling it down the road, trying everso hard not to look like two strange people with an obsession for stealing random medical equipment. At one point, they hit a ramp and part of it came unhooked, so as they panicked and tried to reattach it, we pulled up and A helpfully wound down the window and took a photo on his phone.

I do love my family and friends - I swear these things arent supposed to be fun!

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