Sunday, April 23, 2006

A fellow blogger whos son has diabetes wrote an entry which included a link to my post on life and its worth (this one). Reading said entry, plus the varied comments from other people which followed inspired me to post an old bit of rambling (which I am fairly sure I havent posted before, sorry if I have) on mental attitude and positivity. I wrote this after a discussion on the CF forum on positive thinking. There were many different opinions, many arguing that this was the way forward but equally as many stating that actually it isnt as easy as that, some people cannot just "think" themselves happy. Oh and the picture included is to illustrate why I used my mum as the example of genetic factors! This was during a 5k run last year, and from the picture you would be forgiven for thinking she had just won and not that a)She was less than 1k into it and b) Approximately 15 000 people had already past this point! Anyway, here it is...

Attitude is everything?

There's been a really interesting discussion on the boards tonight, and it’s got me thinking. It’s about positive thinking, picking yourself up, and moving on with life. Anyway due to some v good points raised in the discussion, I was thinking about my own state of mind and its origins so to speak. Basically I am an optimist, or that is what I would class myself. Mind you I label myself as that with the following quote in mind:

"I am an optimist, unrepentant and militant. After all, in order not to be a fool an optimist must know how sad a place the world can be. It is only the pessimist who finds this out anew every day."

I love life, I have a great time, and I am generally a very happy bunny!! But ok, how does this state of mind come about? It’s definitely not down to circumstance, I know that much! Is it pure luck? Was I born with it? Is it genetic? (Anyone who has met my mum could argue that that is the root cause) or then again, environmental? (same evidence applies).

I have to say, I am inclined to think it is because I talk myself round to it. I am definitely lucky that I find it easy enough, most of the time, as I am pleased by the simple things in life (simple minds, simple pleasures) but at other times it takes all my energy to do so, as when things get tough you sometimes have to REALLY work hard to decide that you wont let it beat you, no matter what.

Maybe it is a matter of choice. A matter of taking responsibility for ones own state of mind. Maybe it is far harder than that, and more beyond our control than we can imagine. Or maybe it is a mixture of both. In which case positive thinking and a determination to enjoy what you have and make life great can’t hurt can it? After all, one life, one chance, and whilst we can’t change circumstance, we can change how we think.....

nb - have only just noticed photo was missing. Am technological wizard. Honest.


Sarah Milne said...

I think you are so right here Angel. I have often realised that I am happier at the moment than I have ever been before in my life. This, of course, is not because I enjoy having a child who has to go through. It is because I have forced myself to adopt that attitude you describe and am trying harder to enjoy every moment we have. Sometimes it takes something like your situation and ours to make yourself live like this. I wish I had done much sooner. You carry on enjoying your life - you are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Em,I very much enjoy reading your blog,and the topic in which you wrote about today ,is one that got me thinking!!!
I am a much more positive person at this point in my life,much more so than when I was younger.Simple things like when my little doggy was still here ,waking up to see his tail wagging,when he saw me.Even listening to the birds chirping away in my garden,these are things that keep me looking forward to the next day.Sometimes when you are having bad times it makes you forget how good, the good times are.
"This is my life and I choose to love it" is such a wonderful way to look at life.When the day comes for me to wait for my new lungs,if I have even half of your optimism then,I think I will be extremely lucky.
Gosh I have rambled on a bit.You are a star :)

Simba said...

I'm trying...:)

I think when people are clinically depressed then they can't just think themselves happy but for me now, I have a choice. I can choose to me more optimistic which, belief it or not, is really scary or I can continue to be grumpy and depressed which is the easier option because it's what I'm used to.

It’s not easy but you make it loads better 'cos I want to be part of your pink and fluffy world, it just seems so much fun. :)

Simba said...

I like the look of your mum, she seems like she rocks muchly too (to borrow a phrase) :)
What a fantastic pic! x

Kiera said...

Positivity is such a marvellous thing: life really is so much better for it.