Monday, April 03, 2006

A dear friend sent me a little book as a get well present - it is one of those books full of motivational and inspirational quotes. I love these little things, I collect them and stash them away for when I am feeling less than pink, so it has been great to have some new ones to muse through. I think my new favourite is as follows:

"Wake up with a smile and go after it, enjoy it, taste it, smell it feel it." Jo Knapp.

(I inadvertantly posted then so apparently my blog feels I have been talking too much recently, which is probably true..!)

Anyway! I really like that little sentence, as it seems to me a nice simple way of looking at life. The way I see it is this; we cannot be certain what is next, either today or in the future. We cannot be sure what will happen after this life. We do not know whether things will get better or things will get worse. But each day you wake up, one thing you do know is that you have a day lying infront of you full of possibilities. OK maybe less possibilities for some of us than others - mine rotate around IVs and oxygen at the moment! But still, a WHOLE day in which to potentially achieve and learn and explore all sorts! I am sure there is a small case of "simple minds, simple pleasures" with me, but I really do think you can get a lot out of the smaller things of life. I had the nicest bubblebath earlier, so relaxing, dont you just love it when you fill it to the brim with bubbles as if you are a filmstar or similar?!

Ooh it sounds lame when written down, but I am having a nice "high on life" moment (must be the drugs) and I think sometimes we over complicate things by trying to work out the whys and whos and reasonings and predict where we are going...I dont believe that you can have anything you want, as life doesnt work like that, but I do believe you have a huge amount of choice in the life you live, and how much you enjoy it.

I am really beginning to ramble now, so I shall stop. Before boring everyone to tears. Plus the nurse is here to do my blood sugars and considering I munched my way through a small bag of haribo earlier I am predicting a less than satisfactory result!

Oh yes - and health wise, things are definitely on the up, blood results returning to normal, appetite now that of a small mammal due to hydrocortizone and hoping for release within a week....well a bit of wishful thinking never hurt anyone!

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