Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mad or just completely insane...?

I had a "brainwave" a few weeks ago (I will do myself damage one of these days) in fact I think I was in hospital at the time. Places for the Women's Hydro Active challenge opened at the beginning of April, and this reminded me of last year, when I went along to cheer on a group of lovely ladies who ran it for the CF Trust. My mum and sister were amongst the runners last year, and both did incredibly well, despite my mums training regime being somewhat interrupted by me being in hospital all summer, so she did most of it on the exercise bike in my hospital room! It is this event which my mum is pictured in the entry below, energetically (and noisily) making her way round the track.

The atmosphere was just incredible and it was the most wonderful day, with everyone cheering and encouraging each other. I had such a great time, and decided that I would quite like to join the fun this year, so I rang the helpline to verify that I was ok to go round in a wheelchair, and signed up!

Being pushed around in good old Denzel isnt really a sponsorable (not sure if that is a is now) achievement in my opinion, so after speaking to my doctors and phsyios, I have decided to try and do some training with the aim of walking the final stretch of the course. Obviously should I get called for my transplant or should my health decline this may throw a spanner into the works, but there is no harm in aiming for it, and a wonderful team of people are rapidly accumulating to accompany me, so together we are hoping to raise lots and lots of money for the CF Trust. I have started a new blog to keep track of training and challenge related info, and am muchly excited already!

If you want to join us please let me know, the more the merrier. Oh and the chances of us wearing something pink and sparkly is beyond high!

We are now sponsorable, yaaaay! Please visit and give as much as you can. Muchly Thanks!


Kiera said...

Now, that does sound like fun!

I may well be up for it.
Will check out the dates, see if I can round up a few troops and get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to join you and Denzel - will have to start searching for that something pink and sparkly soon!!