Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Had my lung function redone today, I was a little aprehensive as it was the lowest ever when I came in at a tiny rodent amount of 16% (0.5 litres, small bottle of coke or similar) but it has bounced nicely back up to my usual 0.7 litres, which is 22%. For some reason being above that 20% threashold makes me feel so much safer, so am a happy bunny!

I had a rather puffy day today, and consequently spent all afternoon lying very still indeed, feeling as though I was running a marathon. Breathless periods like that come and go in patches, and it is horribly frustrating as literally just breathing is tiring, and you cant not breathe for a period to rest! I have pulled my muscles due to the strain of the afternoon, but it's nothing a bit of paracetamol and some good rest on high flow O2 mask (hurrah darth vader is back) wont fix.

Off for an early night, hopefully lungs will play along a bit more tomorrow so I can get up and do some excerise, I didnt even leave the room today, not even to visit the hot chocolate machine! (this hospital has the best hot choc in the world).


Emmie said...

Hi Em, hope you have had a better afternoon today compared to yesterday. Keep smiling girly and thinking of what you are gonna do when you get those new lungs...I just know they are heading your way. Love you! Emma xxx

Emmie said...
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