Friday, April 14, 2006

Hurrah for Good Friday! Had a lovely lazy morning, munching bagels and cream cheese, and watching Pride and Prejudice (the film version, which whilst I still prefer the TV series I did actually quite like, there were some lovely shots and interesting uses of Mise-en-scene....geek alert, shutting up now).

This afternoon, the girlies came round, bringing our traditional "as much food containing sugar and E numbers as we can find" hoard. And it was an impressively vile mountain of sweets, containing the regulars like flying saucers and haribo, and a few new additions, such as rainbow coloured fizzy strips (sickeningly fabulous). It was a fantastic afternoon, muchly giggling ensued, hightened by being slightly high on E numbers I suspect.

When they arrived I was very rudely still eating my lunch (it was 3pm but I had a late breakfast!); I thought they were acting a bit weirdly, and as soon as I put down the bowl they presented me with a gorgeous jade green photo album, which will hearby be known as the book of fashion sins I think! It was crammed full of photos throughout our highschool years, and as I flicked through it this huge torrent of memories came flooding back. The greasepaint, relationship will they/wont theys and adrenalin rushes of the school plays. The consequential and infamous cast parties, which would always see someone ending up in a new relationship/dumped/arguing with a friend/similar all important highschool crisis. Sleep overs, in which we consumed hideous amounts of sweets similar to those consumed today except for some reason we took delight in piling them all up on one huge tray and creating photographic evidence of our consumption). Parties - birthday, christmas, new year, halloween, whatever the occasion...and it is worrying how many of them involve fancy dress!

Prompted by this photo album, we spent the majority of the afternoon reminiscing, its funny so much of it seems so long ago (god I sound old) but then again a lot of it feels like it was only yesterday. It really reminded me just how lucky I was to have such a jampacked life at that age, I was involved in so many clubs and social activities and really had a great time at school.

OK enough nostalgia! Needless to say I had a fabulous day, and am happily tired now (tired in that nice way of I have actually done something as opposed to just being drained). I am starting to look less pale today too, woohoo! Looking forward to a weekend of familyness, with a nice big easter sunday meal at my grandparents to look forward to. YAY.

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Claire221082 said...

So true, we all had a brilliant afternoon, and I'm still convinced ski pants were wrong on so many levels!