Monday, April 10, 2006

Homeward bound? It looks like it - woohoo!!

Have been holding off all day posting this, just so I dont tempt fate, but it is looking like I am off home because the pharmacist just came up to write up my TTAs (that stands for drugs 'to take away' I think, although have never actually had that confirmed). The docs this morning said that I could go on the provision that my blood results were ok, and whilst I havent had that vocally confirmed yet, a pharmacist being sent up is a fairly good indication as the doctor will have had to write the script in the first place.

So just finished my last set of IVs and they are not finishing a moment to soon, my headaches and nausea are definitely getting worse with them so YAY for no more IVness! I have an absolute mountain of stuff to pack up - I accumulate things very quickly here, but I love that, it makes it feel more homely. How I am going to get the flowers and the balloons home I havent quite worked out yet! We are waiting for the doctor to come and have a quick final chat before we take the longline out, and then I can go home!

Things I am most looking forward to: my bed, sitting on my sofa with the fire on in the evening, gorgeous home cooking, fresh air and sunshine, and most of all, having a long hot bubble bath and being able to completely immerse myself and not have to keep a bandaged longlined arm out of the water. YAY!!!!

Ooh, and have added a guestbook, as it has the option of posting private messages. (argh this entry just posted itself without me asking it to again - I wish my computer and I got along better). So hopefully next time I write will be from the comfort of my lovely lounge, looking out onto the garden at the birdtable, which I am fairly certain wont have had any birdseed put on it since I came in. Poor george!

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Hillary said...

Hope you are home in the comforts of your home, resting, and relaxing. :)