Wednesday, April 05, 2006

First of all, apologies for the interesting layout my blog has chosen to take on - am rather clever in the fact that I seem to have created a new blank column on the right hand side, pushing my profile etc all the way down to the bottom of the page, and I have no idea how I did it or how to undo it. Superb. Any blogmasters please do feel free to help me...!

Ward round was this morning, which is where all the doctors, including the Prof (top dog) come round and all look at you kind of like an interesting coloured fish in a tank. I got bored of waiting for them to come round, so filled the sink with water to wash my hair, which naturally made them appear at my door ready to inspect me. Good news is that they are aiming for a release date of Monday, YAY! We talked about the possibility of a new port, but as this would require a general anaesthetic, which they said "wouldnt be without risk" (doctors talk for bad plan) we arent persuing that route at present.

I had another puffy episode today (banish all mental pictures of me beachball like, I mean of the lung variety) and whilst the visual image of me looking a bit like a fish out of water is vaguely amusing, (plus the added bonus that I stop talking for a prolonged period of time) it is somewhat annoying so they have started all sorts of new and exciting drugs to open up my airways a little. Hurrah! I have got to have blood gases done at 6.30am tomorrow (blood drawn from the artery to examine O2 and CO2 levels, not so nice); I get the feeling they are trying to persuade me to go home...


Simba said...

Hi Emily,
Hope you have a less puffy day today and are able to make it to the hot chocolate machine. :)
Your blog is great and looks fine to me with no weird columns but then I'm viewing it in Mozilla which might make a difference.
Take care xxxx

Kiera said...

Fingers crossed you'll be homeward bound on Monday. x