Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Since I decided to get all over confident and plaster photos all over my blog making updates has become decidedly more tricky, as I am not quite as good at this as I like to think! In my
training blog today I wanted to put up a couple of pics of me walking up and down the road, and managed to post the same one 3 times. Still not quite sure how!

Bank holiday weekend has been and gone, and it was all gorgeous and sunny so I hope everyone had a good one - mine was great! I had lunch out with my parents on the Saturday, which was lovely, and then Sunday and Monday some lovely friendies from Uni came to visit. That was great, as I havent really seen either of them properly since we graduated, so it was great to spend some good time catching up and gossiping!

In some ways I still cant quite believe I am no longer a student, I think because I am in this limbo between studenthood and working grownup I can still con my brain into thinking I am still a student, but also it just doesnt feel like the University experience, which seems so large and daunting when approaching the beginning of it, is actually over. The photo I have included is of me and some of my friends (including the two lovely ladies who came down this weekend) at Graduation. I had been in hospital for 7 weeks, and was still incacerated, trying to recoup after my collapsed lung, its subsequent operations and resulting infections. The hospital wouldnt confirm whether I could go until the day before, as they wanted to see that I was physically ok to do so, but I was given day release and it really was the best day.

We went to Tesco's today, normally a rather mundane activity, but as we drove past the entrance, we saw the electronic scooter style wheelchairs lined up. Feeling emboldened and egged on by a certain man (who I think wanted a laugh at my driving) I decided to test-drive one round the supermarket for the first time. The first 15 minutes were incredibly amusing as I struggled to get to grips with just how sensitive the controls were, and every time I attempted to move forwards in a gentle and sedate style I would rapidly shoot towards some poor unsuspecting soul in a jerky and rather frightening manner.

Eventually I got to grips with it quite well, and managed not to kill/damage anyone or anything. It was really good fun, and I was enjoying the rather empowering feeling of dictating where I wanted to go in the shop (I am usually sitting in Denzel therefore my "pusher" gets to decide) and so I must have been grinning a bit manically as people kept talking to me! Still would rather be a grinning maniac that people feel they want to talk to than go unnoticed. No wonder I studied drama.

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