Thursday, May 18, 2006

First thing and most important thing I want to say today: People rock. They really really do. No I havent seen Love Actually to many times, people are just lovely. I got so many lovely responses and messages from people after my last slightly self wallowing post, and well people are just lovely (I know my vocab is rather limited at present, bear with me!) If I said thank you to everyone every time their support perked me up, I would be saying it all the time. So thank you. And I wont say it again I promise!

I had just finished posting last Thursday, and was sitting trying to feel more motivated and proactive instead of feeling sorry for myself, when the phone went, and it was UK Transplant, asking me if I was available the next day to talk on ITN news about organ donation. Being shy and retiring as I am I paused - for breath - and then (slightly over enthusiastically) agreed to do it. So friday morning Sue Saville came round to ask me some questions, and Friday lunchtime on ITN news, there I was, taking my tablets with a doleful look in my eyes, and looking pleasingly yellow I felt, I normally think I look to well in these things! It went ok, bar the rather abominable piano playing which I was somehow talked into as they like to have clips of every day type activities whilst discussing the rather less mundane topics of transplants and death. All in all it went well, and a huge YAY moment for national coverage, plus of course I was wearing my T-shirt!

Last weekend was lovely - it marked 7 years for me and my man, and we had a really lovely time. My lungs werent complying quite as much as I would have liked, but we bought two new films instead of going to the cinema and had a little home movie session instead. Then went out for a really nice meal on the Sunday evening.

I have also resumed training (yay!) as my physio came round on tuesday to assess how things were going, and we went for a walk together - my first walk using my mask. It went fine, surprisingly ok, and better than that my oxygen saturations were good, and my lung function was also better than it has been in a while. So wooohooo!

I am heading back to bed now as my lungs are screaming at me and feeling rather bruised. Totally worth it though - last night was also absolutely fantastic as I went to watch QI being filmed. Stephen Fry is an absolute comic genius and it was extremely amusing. Brilliant night, but am now heading to bed to recouperate. Laughter is most definitely good for the soul and most probably the immune system, but it hurts the lungs somewhat when they are tiny wee!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness,Love Actually-I love that film:D
Glad your feeling better sweetie,and i'm loving the wee scottish words in your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

I noticed the scottish words too!! Och, ah huv taught ye well lassie ;)

Simba said...

They say, what goes around comes around, and you certainly give out more than your fair share of postive words and happy-vibes so it's only right that you should have "lovely people" experiences too.

Yay for nice messages which make us all feel better. :)

Happy anniversary to you and Adam xxxx

Kiera said...

Happy seven year anniversary!

Well done with your TV thing. Great for awareness raising and all that stuff.
You'll get fans asking for autographs soon! ;0)