Friday, November 02, 2007




Anonymous said...



Have a FABULOUS pink and smiley day tomorrow, Em! Congratulations to you and Adam, in advance!

Love xxx

Anonymous said...

Wooooo!!! Good luck hunni! Hope you have a fab day! All the best for your future 2gether.

Lots of love

Holly x x x

Unknown said...

Good Luck for tomorrow Emily hope you and Adam have a wonderful day and I hope the sun is shinning for you.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous day sweetie!

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and smiling when i think of where you have come from not even one year ago and where you are now.

All the best and congratulations to you and Adam!

Anonymous said...

Have yourself the most fantabulous day ever!!!! Will be thinking of you all, what an emotional day it will be!

Good luck to both of you in your life together as husband and wife!!!


Anonymous said...

Aaah that gave me goosebumps! Have an amazing wedding and maybe post a picture or two for your reading friends :)

Enjoy every single second of it.

x Adrienne

Anonymous said...

Sorry should have been 'blog reading' friends :)

Emily H said...

Have a wonderful day, Emily, and treasure every minute of it.

You deserve it.

All the very best,
Emily H

misdee said...

yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayaaaaaaaaaaaaaay indeedy.

what else can we say?

have you got your something old, something new etc etc?

ooooo cant wait for the piccies.

BreathinSteven said...

I'm with Misdee... Yay!!!

I'm so happy for you, Emily... And for A too... You've been given so many incredible gifts in life -- and way at the top of that list has to be love, and two beautiful lungs from a precious donor... (Which is really just another form of love...)

I hope you have an awesome day -- I hope both loves last forever...



Lorraine said...

Have a fabulous day lovely lady. You and A and your family have been through so much over the past few year's - how truly marvellous to see you looking so well and looking forward to your wedding day - as any bride should. May you both be blessed with health and happiness for many many year's to come. Much love, xxx

Anonymous said...

Woooooohhooooooooo, so pleased for you Emily. Been following this blog for a while and really, really happy for you. The very best of luck and every happyness for your and A's future.

Have a wonderful day



Anonymous said...

Thats Fab. Now if there are traffic jams around churches tomorrow in local area we shall know why. Have a really fab day with lots more yeyayayayayayayayay's to come

Anonymous said...

Hope you both have a fantastic day - you deserve it. Long life, health and happiness.
love Pauline and all at DFN

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful day girlie!

Much love MoO xxxx

Sarah Milne said...

Have a wonderful day Em, A and all the family :-)Huge love from all of us xxxxx

Unknown said...

Just been released from hossie to discover you were only days away from becoming a married woman!
All the very best of luck for tomorrow (which is only minutes away as I'm typing!!)
Big hugs to both you and A.
Have a fabulous day - you truly deserve it.

Love Laura xxx

Anonymous said...

Have a great day and enjoy a long and fun-filled life together.

Bill H & Jax xxx

Anonymous said...

wow enjoy your day it will go so quickly. wishing you and adam all the very best in life as you begin married life together.
love trigger and alex xxx

Anonymous said...

Emily, congratulations.

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

Wow what a perfectly beautiful day to get married - glorious sunshine and autumn colours - have a great time. Love every minute
Lindy xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Emily, we hope your wedding day is everything that you'd imagined it to be & more....

With love,

Sean & Debs Barnaville

Anonymous said...

OOOOhhhh, I wonder if you're a Mrs yet?!Enjoy every second of your wonderful day.
lots of love
Tor xxxx

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Lorraine said...

No chance of a game of Scrabble today then?!
Hope you've both had a fantastic day. xxx

Jayne said...

I'm a bit late, but wanted to say that I hope you day was excellent.

Best wishes to you and 'A'.


Anonymous said...

Did send you msges via u sites etc.
Really hope all went well for you and your future (now) hubby awwwww;)
You deserve all happiness in the world....
Bet plenty of tears of joy on the day ;)
take care congratulations!!!!! yeyyy
Elaine Rach & family xxxx

Anonymous said...

Emily ,not been on here for a while and just came on and found out you were married yesterday!! so congratulations to you and Adam, I am so happy for yo both .This is really like a fairy tale come true I bet your mum and dad cried buckets at the wedding ,and yes you have made me cry again too . much love to you both .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations hunny....

I don't know about anyone else, but I am disappointed by the lack of updates...I mean, what else can newly-weds have to do with their time?!