Monday, November 05, 2007

OK time for part 2…incidentally look at this to see what life was like this time last year – I still can’t believe the change!

We walked past the front of the hotel and up to the curtains which were concealing the entrance to the main barn. As they opened a fraction for the hotel staff to give the thumbs up I could see A waited expectantly at the end of the room. I heard the announcement “please be upstanding for the bride” and the beautiful cello music started up – a piece composed especially by A for me to walk down the aisle to. As we entered and the cameras started flashing, all I could see was A standing looking so proud. I locked eyes with him and refused to shift my focus. Tears were already welling up and due to the emotion I may have sped down the aisle, causing many jokes afterwards about me wanting to ensure he didn’t make a swift getaway!

We finally reached the end, my daddy kissing me on the cheek and squeezing my arm as he took his seat next to my mum who was already wiping away the tears. A squeezed my hand and the registrar whispered hello followed by “this is a happy occasion!” probably in shock at the amount of tears already filling the room! We sat down as she began the service, and then the first reading “these are the hands” was done, H2B and I tightly holding each others for the duration.

We then stood to make our declarations that we were ok to marry and this was followed by a second reading, this time in French (A's family are Mauritian) by A's sister called “mon amour”. We then made further declarations in which A stumbled over lawful wedded wife, I giggled knowing this was due to our constant jokes that he might accidentally say awful wedded wife! Rings were exchanged and next it was time for our own personal vows. A went first, and tears filled my eyes as he thanked me for fighting so hard for this. In a bit of a wibbly voice I said my vows, talking about how I had never really let myself think of this day and how thrilled I was that we were here at last.

Our third reading followed, and then all that was left to do was to for the pronouncement that we were husband and wife (in which I uttered a small “yay!) followed by “you may now kiss the bride” and a huge gale of cheers and applause. Muchly photos during the posed signing of the register and we walked out triumphant to Signed sealed delivered with people cheering and laughing as the realised what was playing.

By the time I came out of the room I actually felt sick – I think I was just overwhelmed by all the adrenalin and the emotion of the day. Luckily during the photos and mingling for drinks that feeling began to wear off, and as the room was reset for the buffet I eagerly chatted to all our wonderful friends and family who were sharing this day with us.

The buffet was served and everyone took their seats. I was quite proud as I had designed pretty much everything; from the flower arrangements (went to the wholesalers myself) to the favours which were my proudest bit I think. Each person’s name place was a mini ivory envelope with a small iridescent glitter heart I had painted on and their name written on. Inside each envelope was an individual verse or saying about seeds or flowers, every single one different for every single guest. For example, mine was: “The road I walk along is time, it's measured out in hours: And now I need not rush along, I stop to smell the flowers” By Alvin Lee. Also enclosed was a tiny tissue paper parcel of seeds with the following details:

Bellflower seeds. (Campanula) Symbolises – Gratitude.

Without Emily’s donor, today would not be possible, Please plant in your garden to let our love and their legacy bloom on.

Wine flowed, people ate and chatted merrily, did the quizzes (which was to work out the significance of each table name) and then came the speeches. They were all fantastic, although I shall never forgive my daddy for a certain potty story which was relayed to a giggling audience.

We then moved into the bar room as the main barn was reset again for the evening’s festivities. The evening was absolutely fantastic. We had about 180 people there in total and they were all well and truly up for a party! Our first dance was Amazed by Lonestar, followed by a “sega” (traditional Mauritian dance) which really got the party going! Then the first of our live bands – an awesome swing band – came on and got everyone on the dance floor. This was followed by an hour or so of the DJ after which the Mauritian band took the stage and played some more Mauritian party pieces (one of which I had previously done backing vocals too at a gig of A's so I was forced up to the front microphone in hand to assist!) At this point a Mauritian buffet was served which went down extremely well!

All live music over, the DJ played on through the night till at 1am a tired but ecstatically happy wedding party came to a close. The day was just magical - it went so very fast, the ceremony itself like a blur, but I loved every single minute. I don't think either of us have stopped grinning since, and we have a whole mountain of cards to work through so you will hear from us in due time if you sent one...

As with seemingly every step in my life, be it good or bad, people always rally round and want to play a part, and this is so very appreciated. So thank you to everyone both who came and who has been thinking of us from afar on our special day. I cannot believe we made it, but I am now officially Mrs A.


ps - one or two pics to satisfy curiosity but slideshow coming soon!


Unknown said...

congratulations! You look stunning. You have had an amzing year and what a way to top it off!
Much love


suzie said...


Pete, Ali, Charlie and Rosie said...

Congratulations! It sounds like your day was perfect. I have to say, every time I look at the picture of you and your dad walking up the aisle it makes me cry - both faces are showing so many emotions! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics. Now you just have to practise saying 'my husband' without laughing yourself silly! Once again, congratulations! x

misdee said...

congratulations Miss/Mrs Emily.

[wells up]

you look radiant.


Anonymous said...

Dammit!Wedding-related tears were supposed to be done with but did get a bit misty eyed over this blog!
I blame your beautifully written vows for the tears on the day!
Such a brilliant day for everyone involved

Congratulations Mrs Assen! :D
love Abby

Anonymous said...

hehehe I put on Radioblogclub and looked up that lonestar track once you mentioned it and had it playing as I read the last of your account!!

SO SO SO amazing, all the tiny details, and of course the families involved who have been behind you two for so long and of course produced you in the first place!!

Congratulations to you both from the bottom of my heart xxxx

NOTE TO SELF - DO NOT read Emily's blog without box of tissues to hand, you should have learned that by now Toria

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Emily & A. You truly are an extraordinary couple & we wish you every happiness in your future married life together. Your wedding day sounded absolutely beautiful, fit for the Princess that you are.

C x x x

Anonymous said...

Emily, again congratulations. I hope someday to find the woman of my dreams.

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

Mrs Married Lady,

You are a walking miracle, a true legend and the ultimite insperation for pwcf.

You deserve all of this happiness and more. Long may it continue.

Audrey xxx

Anonymous said...

Aw Emily, what an amazing day you all had, thank you so much for the blog even if I was in floods of happy tears reading it.

Congratulations to you both, and here's to many more happy days together (I know that sounds like a toast and no, I don't have a gin and tonic in my hand at this time of day!)

Much love to you both,
Maggie xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and A again. What a beautiful account you gave and it is so amazing to think how you were this time last year. Amazed seems like a apt choice for a first song for you both. :-) Congratulations Mr and MRS A!

Sandylizz said...

A big congratulations to you both... And it sounds like an amazing day! You looked amazing to x x x

Anonymous said...

I'm a hardened hack and I will not cry dammit... You and your bridesmaids looked beautiful. Xx

Anonymous said...

i was told about this blog from lucy (bev)i know them from heartline,and cried buckets when you finally got your new lungs,
i have just read about the wedding and cried loads more! i should know by now to have a hanky ready or face my keyboard malfunctioning from all the water!!

congratulations to you both,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Emily and A,

I'm so pleased you had a brilliant day and that, at last you have the health to allow you to fulfill your dreams. I hope this is the start of many more.

I've known you and A for a long time from the music days of Fitznells and only recently realised who 'A' was!!

Maybe we should start a 'met through Fitznell's' website.......!!

Michelle W

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily
Another beautifully written blog - i suspect there were more tears at your wedding than most - but joyful tears are the best sort.
Your mum and dad looked so proud and delighted in your facebook photos.
Many many congratulations.
p.s. could you please stop making me cry - thank you x

Anonymous said...

you look stunning, sounds like an amazing day!!!!!!!!!!!!
now you can just sit back (haha) and enjoy married life!!!!!!!!!!!!
love Jennie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your wedding oh you look so beautiful and sure must have been soe xciting although sure many different emotions too....

Piccys so lovely bet all your family friends so proud.

Hugz 2 u Elaine Rach and family xxx:D

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a fairytale. HUGE congratulations to you both! Liz x