Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Potential GMTV appearances tomorrow morning...probably around 6.30ish and 8.30ish.

so look out, those of you up at that ungodly hour!

Edit - I was on at 8.30ish. Clip is actually viewable here - http://www.gm.tv/index.cfm?articleid=24657 - scroll down to find "Emily Thackray". Watching all the old bits of VT of me pre tx was actually quite emotional, particularly the final one which was filmed less than a month before my transplant. I can't believe how fragile I look and how quiet my voice is!

They cut it short sadly which means you don't get to see my lovely sisters have some input! Oh and the surprise was merely my announcement so don't get too excited ;)


Anonymous said...

I only caught the 8:30 slot, but you three all looked beautiful, as ever, on GMTV! I think my favourite part was "You've always had a personality..." - such an understatement! ;)

Well done, Thackray girls!
Love xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a fantastic day! You looked like a Princess! I saw you all this morning and it was nice to see how happy you all looked

Lots of love from MoO xxxx

Sarah Milne said...

Oh NOOOOO, was up for 6am IVs and totally forgot, have BBC on :-( :-) Can anyone put it on u-tube???xxxx

Sarah Milne said...

Watched it on GMTV website http://www.gm.tv/index.cfm?articleid=24657
It cuts short though - what was the surprise??

fairenuff said...

Thanks Sarah, I watched the link you put on your comment. Its a shame it cut off before the end... so what was their surprise, Emily?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs A

Good to see 'the hat' managed to sneak into the back down the aisle photo!!

Mrs W

Rebecca said...

Awww, you looked FAB! As did your sisters!

I had tears in my eyes watching you!

Anonymous said...

What an emotional piece of footage. What a difference a year makes.

Well done to you and your sisters.

Pauline :)

Sarah Milne said...

What announcement????

Anonymous said...

The announcement was that she got married, confused quite a few people as it sounded like she had a surprise for us!


Anonymous said...

You sound a lot older than you are, if that makes any sense. Not so ubergirly like you come across in your writing.

Lovely job. Great that you've gotten so much into speaking about CF. Seems your natural path in life. Not all of us find our paths.

Sarah Milne said...

Thanks Abby, it sounded to me like GMTV had a surprise for you!!
Glad you have all had such a lovely week :-) :-)
lots of love
from Sarah xxx