Monday, November 05, 2007

I am a married lady!!!!!!!

How incredibly grown up is that?! Actually watching my mother I know that you do not in fact need to be grown up when you are married. First of all take a look at this as a reminder of just how much my life has changed, and then here begins the rather long and over emotional story of the weekend of my dreams...

Friday was A's dad’s 60th birthday so we had decided all along to focus on him that day. It was actually a really good thing as it stopped me from doing last minute panicky bits – I disappeared in the afternoon for a doze followed by a gorgeous relaxing manicure but was back in the evening to go to a restaurant with A's family to celebrate.

I left early (A saying gleefully “see you soon nearly wife!!) and my dad drove me to my grandparents house where I had decided to stay as they are always very calm and there’s loads of room there so we could turn it into a hair and make up studio the following day. I decided to head straight to bed, my grandma bringing me a hot chocolate, and fairly shortly after lying down I was sound asleep.

I woke suddenly at 6.30 the next morning but managed to get back to sleep till 7.30. I then lay in bed quietly for a good half hour, thinking about all sorts really with the occasional “I’m getting married today!” thought popping into my head. My grandma made me a huge bowl of porridge (which she is famous for) and I sat calmly drinking my tea. Their neighbours popped round to see me with crazymadbedhair sitting in my dressing gown saying “yep all going well all on schedule”.

Shortly after 10am my mother and 2 sisters arrived and as I predicted the serene calm turned into an over excited manic house full of women. My poor lovely grandpa quickly learned wherever he was he was in the way so quietly sat with his paper pretending not to see or hear anything. The girls hair dresser arrived around the same time and curlers were installed making my sisters appear scarily twin like. Lu had made a wedding preparations song list which included some of the cheesiest ‘90s hits ever (Bewitched, remember them?!) and the day really got underway. My mum bought with her the bouquets which I had been worrying about (I don’t really like not having a run through!) but I needn’t have been worried – they were absolutely gorgeous. I then looped into mine my gran’s ring for my “something old” and pinned in the donor family network pin in memory of the special person who had allowed me to be here today.

My hairdresser arrived at 11 which was a blessing as it forced me to sit still for 2 hours! She was amazing and so meticulous. Whilst she was working, Lu did my make up and I commented positively on it every now and then despite having no glasses on so not actually being able to see a thing! When I did finally get to peer close up into the mirror though it really did look gorgeous and I was thrilled with the result. My mummy would intermittently race into the room with a plate of food chirping merrily and updating me on proceedings. A's sister arrived (third bridesmaid) to have her hair done too and mine was finally finished so I went into the lounge with tiara and veil firmly pinned still in dressing gown to be met with a round of applause.

I sat and drank some tea and nibbled some sandwiches before my mother informed me it was time to put the dress on. The photographer arrived and we had the traditional “lacing the dress” shots but he was very good at being seemingly not present and just snapping events as they occurred. Bridesmaids also now in their stunning floor length wine red dresses joined me and we went out onto the patio for more photos.

My daddy and granddad (who is 91 and my hero) then arrived and it was hugs and kisses all round. We walked out the front to be greeted by various neighbours, including lots of very over excited young girls pointing and shouting “there she is!!” which made me feel like a celebrity! We were standing waiting for my uncle to arrive (he was to drive me there in his car) when suddenly my sister pointed exclaiming “look!” and this stunning £160 000 Bentley pulled up on the drive (in the correct wine red colour) and my uncle who had hired it without me knowing stepped out proudly wearing a proper drivers hat. I was speechless, the car was just gorgeous and such a surprise!

We got in and my daddy held my hand tightly all the way there. By this time the butterflies were really beginning to hit and the enormity of the day was sinking in. A year ago I had been lying in a bed with an oxygen mask, unable to speak full sentences with H2B doing pretty much everything for me, and now I was about to walk down the aisle. Last year I had been in talks with the doctors about how to deal with the very last stages and how I would be made “comfortable” at the end, and now I was in this gorgeous dress, heading to say “I do” to the man of my dreams. Suddenly I knew all my confident statements of “I won’t cry I’ll be fine” were going to be complete lies.

We pulled up to people waving and cheering (who had come specially to watch me arrive) and my daddy helped me out of the car, bridesmaids following from the car behind shortly after. After a few photos I walked in to speak to the registrar and confirm all the official bits, then it was time to take my daddy’s arm and walk towards the main Barn, where I would say my vows and begin the day I had always dreamed of.

To be continued – this is far too long and I don’t know about you lot but I need a coffee!


Anonymous said...

Emily, congratulations, but shouldn't you be on your honeymoon????

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...


Tears in my eyes reading Emma's post on the CF board and now you leave me with this cliffhanger!!

Big hugs to you and A. Wishing you a long and happy life together :)


Sarah Milne said...

Huge congratulations to you both, to you all really :-) Once again, I am posting on your blog amidst mists of tears. I am posting the link to as many people as possible. You are such an inspiration and I hope as many people as possible will read this post today and make sure they have that donor card in their wallets!

May you have many many years of happiness ahead of you and, yes, what about that honeymoon???

All our love as ever to you Em and to A too.

Sarah, Paul, William, Hope and Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tinypoppet said...

totally forgot to mention....we weren't going to have a honeymoon as A used up all his holiday when I was in Harefield. However his lovely lovely work have not only given him time off but are sending us to Budapest!! So incredibly excited - they are really very lovely. Not till nearer Xmas though hence me being here to waffle ;)

God, Love, Life and Rugby said...

Congratulations Mrs Smug Married!
H xx

Anonymous said...

That sounds fabulous! Many congratulations to you both. Saturday sounded absolutely wonderful, and what great weather too. Can't wait to see the photos! Good Luck for a very happy future together,Mr. and Mrs. ???????? With Love, Diane

Anonymous said...

Just seen the photos on CF TRUST FORUM downloaded by Emmie. Thanks to Emmie to let us all share her very special account plus pics of that fabulous day. I almost feel like I was there! How beautiful you looked Emily. YAYAYAYAYA!!!!! Looking forward to your next blog! Love Diane T. x

Anonymous said...

Your are such an inspiration, seriously.

Congratulations and wishing you many years of happiness and enjoy Budapest :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I found your blog after following a few links - just wanted you to know that (thanks to your blog) I registered for organ donation. A little scary having to think about stuff like that, but I soon got over it! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yey! Congratulations! And Budapest?! Wow, that's so lovely of A's work! :D

Looking forward to the next installment! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm all goosebumpy after reading that. You two looked so utterly happy and gorgeous!!

Delighted to hear you're off to Budapest, too.

Loads of love to you both,
Audrey xx

Anonymous said...

i want to know more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
big congratulations and wish you all the best in the future
on your nxt blog plzplzplzplzplzplzplz post sum pics
love Jennie Higgins and co

Anonymous said...

soooooooo emotional Emily feel like so many people have been on the long long journey with you and such a beautiful fairytale bride soo radiant..........

Have to say you all looked so beautuful and makes me feel so emotional! Tears in our eyes.... bet plenty on teh day for sure!!!

hugz Elaine Rach & family xxxxx
ps so excited 4 u ;)