Monday, October 29, 2007

I had my final dress trial yesterday.

I donned the entire outfit, and walked through to the lounge. Tears escaped almost immediately; this does not bode well for not crying on the day.

Am rather pleased with the final look. I would post a picture...but I'm not going to.

Counting down the days, and soon the hours! Have a rather strong suspicion that I will soon be so over excited that my mother will have to resort to tactics she used to employ when I was five and would get too over excited about a birthday party/christmas, develop flushed cheeks and a temperature, and promptly be sent to bed to have a sleep till I had calmed down a bit.

An awful lot of smiling going on in this house. I can't wait for the day itself, I just don't want this all to be over.


Anonymous said...

Ohh, I knew you were engaged and stuff, just didn't realise you were getting married so soon. How exciting! Loads of well wishes and stuff. Congrats!

Lorraine said...

Spoil sport - was looking forward to a preview! I hope you've got waterproof mascara and all other water proof facial make up for the day - I needed mine doing again after my speach! Enjoy and don't get too overly excited or you'll be having hypo's! xxx

Anonymous said...

Sending you a big (friendly) slap to calm you down a bit.

Your day is going to be just perfect. Your photo at the ball looked great and you will make a beautiful - if blubbery - bride.

Don't fret - I'm sure you won't be the only one sobbing.

If I don't say it before the day, GOOD LUCK !!!

And remember to say 'I do' and not 'YAAAAAY'

Audrey xx

Anonymous said...

it will never be over - in the words of the carpenters - 'you've only just begun' hee hee.
Lindy x

Rebecca said...

Awwww, so exciting!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,

Just found this blog about you! I was so shocked how much you have been through in the past few years. I'm indescribably happy that you made it and got your transplant. Must admit I shed a few tears reading what you and your family went thro' at the start of this year.

I rememeber seeing you for the 1st time at EEHS as a lil year 8 or year 9er doing a speech about CF and I knew there was something special and amazing about you.

Even though you was going through a tough time you still found the strength in you to do the LLTGL thing and help other people.

Just wanted to wish you LOADS of luck and happiness for your wedding!!

Lots of Love to you and your family.

Fatin Izagaren (Hope you remember me!!)

Pete, Ali, Charlie and Rosie said...

Dear Emily,
I found out about your blog from Lucy Pearson's on the day you got your call, and have been checking in most days ever since! I haven't left a message before, I've just been reading in amazement at all you've been through. My son Charlie has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and may well need a transplant one day. Reading stories like yours gives us so much hope that all can be well in the end.
I just felt I had to drop you a line, now you are in the final countdown to your big day, to tell you that we will be thinking of you, and wishing you all the luck and happiness in the world - so richly deserved. I am sure there will be many happy tears all round as your friends and family witness an event they must, at times, have thought might never happen. You are an inspiration to so many people, Emily, and I wish you all the very best for a wonderful, magical wedding day, and a bright, sunny (and pink and sparkly!) future with A. xxx

fairenuff said...

Stop it, you are making me giddy too! Cant wait to see the photos of the big day.

Jac said...

I'm surprised anyone managed to get you to take the dress back off again ;-) I can just imagine you 'oh, let me keep it on for 5 more minutes!' lol.

So glad you are enjoying all the preparations - the day will be amazing, I'm sure:-)


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh sooo excited 4 u ;)

be lovely see pics after u event etc can appreciate want keep 'secret' girls special wish'.... luv health and happiness always ............

hugz Elaine & Rach & family xxxxx

ps Bet u parents soooooooooo proud of you and your familys too.:D

Anonymous said...

OMG i can't believe you are getting married THIS saturday! that's so exciting! Have a fantastic day on saturday you deserve such an amazing day :-)
Lizzie xxxx

Emma said...

I know what you mean about the first time you see yourself in the whole get up. and regarding your earlier post yes the wedding is allowed to consume your life - I've only just started not talking about mine!

Anonymous said...

Just out of hospial myself but had to see how the wedding preps are going. so nice to hear your excitedness!!!!!Am a bit woozy but just wanted to say, enjoy your day,everyone will be beaming from ear to ear. Even us at home will be smiling and imagining you having the day to really remember. Many Many congrats to you both!!! Cant wait to see the photos. Love to all the family too. Have fun! Love Diane T. x

Anonymous said...

We're so pleased for you, Emily.

Have a lovely day. xxx

Anonymous said...

Can't believe the year you've had Em but wish you so much love and happiness. i'm like a Tigger bouncing around getting all excited and i'm not even going to your wedding!
Have the best day and keep living the dream

Anonymous said...

what no photo!!!!! only joking - just as long as we see some after the event!
Lindy xx

Anonymous said...

im sure your day will be just perfect - and no 1 will mind a few (or many) tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just dont ruin your make up - waterproof all the wauy!!!!!!!!1
goodn luck
love jennie xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I know now what to do whenever I feel upset about something: read your wedding blogs. Just reading them now has put such a smile on my face. I can't wait to see you all on Saturday, I know it's going to be amazing! And as Will Shakespeare once said... "YAAAAY!"

Anonymous said...

WOW, GOOD LUCK. I can't wait to see piccys - lots of them!

Deep breath, one foot in front of the other and remember your lines!!!

Only a few hours to go now...........


Anonymous said...

wishing you lots and lots of love and luck for tomorrow... was just speaking to Charlotte and she said it was tomorrow.... WOW! How exciting, I expect there is lots and lots of yaying in your household. Have a fantastic day - although am sure that goes without saying!

suzie said...

Blimey! All excited myself now, did a little wiggle in the chair, as in shake the hips chuck, I'm not quite that old yet ;-)

Loadsa love, stay calm, enjoy.