Saturday, October 27, 2007

OK I am a bit sad and google myself from time to time (come on admit it you've done it too!)

Imagine my shock when I came across this (scroll down and read from the bottom upwards).

Now luckily I *touchwood* am doing rather well this year so was able to smile to myself that if the guy did put me in his "bingo" he will have lost.

I can't decide if I am mildly amused at the sheer audacity of this or if I think it's really quite disturbing. I am leaning towards the latter...

A little drama there to break up the wedding fever ;)


Emmie said...

I was stunned when you showed me this. If you want to make a stupid and crass game out of dying people then at least don't do it on the worldwide web. Idiots. AARRRGGHHH *insert very cross face here*

Anonymous said...

This has really annoyed me. So much so I don't know what to write (and that's a first).

Rose xx

Anonymous said...

Ha ha haha! I know some media people who actually play this game! There is a continuous rolling sweepstake on the go in their office. The idea is to pick really random and unlikely candidates, the longer the odds, the better. There is no sport in picking on the weak and sickly!

suzie said...

I was just about to go to bed and I thought I'll check the blogs first.....I too am speechless, I want to hit them.

You've buggered up their game Em, how good is that eh!!


Anonymous said...

I think that you should add a follow on post and put the wind up them!!

I googled myself once and found that there is another Gillian Lombard out there that sells Spanish properties, its quite weird when you read about people with the same name as you.

Unknown said...

Think I'd agree with "disturbing".

Best wishes .


Anonymous said...

One day, people like this will be betting on their own nearest and dearest. I wonder how their black sense of humour will stand up then?

I thought it was too pathetic to be annoyed.

As my four year old would say; Silly Buckets!

Audrey xx

Anonymous said...

Don't be annoyed, just e mail him a wedding photo!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie,
I only log on occasionally these days, just to catch up on your news. You can't imagine the pleasure it gives me to hear you are having so much fun. Not sure exactly how close the BIG DAY is but my thoughts go out to you, A and the whole family. I bet your Mum & Dad and sisters are wild with joy to see this great day arrive. Best wishes to you and the bridegroom-to-be for a lifetime of happiness.


Anonymous said...

rwWho are these people?? Lmao. one of them says she's a lawyer! What a crazy webpage. Please, Please get in touch with this James fella and fill him in on your year. Ask whether you can send a bit of cash his way to make up for his points loss, make the bastard feel bad! Hehe.

Anonymous said...

It all seems a bit strange...too bad you didn't catch this earlier as you could have ordered wedding stationary from Suzi, the lovely host of the page!(