Friday, October 19, 2007

I was on GMTV this morning. Apologies for the complete lack of notice, please don’t pelt me with grapes, but I was only told last night and consequently got myself to bed sharpish as I had a 5am pickup this morning to get there. All I can say is thank god for the two lovely men in hair and make-up who manage to make me look fairly respectable even at that time in the morning.

When I took my mother with me she got completely over excited at being made up; so much so that her make up guy took extra care and time to pamper her to the maximum extent. She was still bouncing around about it all when we got home and insisted my sister take photos of her all made up, conveniently forgetting that they have to do you somewhat more orange for the cameras than is needed in natural light…

Anyway back to this morning, it all went fine. It was a very short piece, just recapping on the whole opt-out debate. Penny Smith warned me we were short of time so advised me to keep my answers as concise as possible; a fairly tall order for me and my waffley ways.

I explained that I am all for the suggestion being raised again, and that something must be done, but if they are to think about bringing in new legislation they must also consider infrastructure to assure that such new implemented measures can be followed through. I also spoke about donor coordinators, as in my opinion (and of course my personal experience) they are a vial element of the system. Donor’s and donor families are giving the greatest gift of all, so it is only right that they are properly looked after and cared for. Education is just as vital as a change in system, as if people are more likely to support such changes if they are fully informed that they still have as much choice as they did before.

Hopefully I just about managed to convey those feelings or whereabouts, Feeling rather tired now but reluctant to lie down as the nice man straightened my hair and I like it all swooshy like this. It is the Simone Cowland Trust ball tomorrow at the Dorchester; getting rather nervous now, but hopefully it will be a night to remember. They are aiming to raise £50 000 for Foulis ward, and I can’t wait to join them in helping to do so. Best of luck to all the organisers and hopefully I will report back having not fallen off the stage/off my heels/spilled dinner down self/anything else disgraceful. Wish me luck!


misdee said...

good morning. we have a TV ban in the morning as it seems to send the monkeys into a trance and we cant get out of the door in time for school if the magic box gets switched on.

i'm sure you kepy your answers non-waffly [hmm] and get your point across. any chance of getting your tv apperances uploaded online so we can view them at times when we miss them?

i'll give you advance warning. channel 5 news tuesday. ;)

Anonymous said...

Awwww sory missed you on tv :(
Take care and all VERY best for your forthcomming wedding ?? soon not 2 sure?
take care hugz have good weekend
Elaine & Rach :D

ps Rach home for weekend from Uni yeyyyyyyyyyyy xx

Anonymous said...

Well done, Em.

Lots and lots of luck for tomorrow - I'm sure it will be a wonderful evening.

Audrey xx

suzie said...

************GOOD LUCK*************


Emmie said...

I noticed your lovely straightened hair this morning!!!!! :o)

Can't believe the SCT ball is tomorrow AAGGHH!!! I've not even packed yet and haven't learnt my lines (ahem* Methinks I'd better get off this computer!

Love you lots!
Emma xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Someone at work said "ooh, your friend was on telly this morning", which I think is a good gague of raised awareness! Well done and have fun at the ball.

Anonymous said...

Well done and good luck!