Sunday, October 07, 2007

We lost another lovely soul last night; Gilly, who had been waiting nearly 2 ½ years for her transplant lost her fight to CF. She was an incredibly caring member of the CF community, always thinking of others, always the first to send someone a card or email when they felt down. We will all miss her very much and my thoughts are with her family and friends. It’s been a bad few months CF and transplant-wise; surely something has to turn around soon, I think the community needs some good news to boost us all.

I am working hard on a few projects behind the scenes, Live Life Then Give Life are currently embarking on a project for next year (watch this space) and I am also working hard on my writing…I don’t really like to say too much when these things are at such early stages but suffice to say it’s hard work and making me really think but I am loving the challenge. Health-wise things have been fabulous too, with me upping my gym regime and even managing to run for a whole 2 minutes on the treadmill! (though I nearly went flying off it as my legs went to jelly by the end). Life is fabulous, the novelty of living good solid real life life (if that makes sense) still has not worn off and I’m hoping it won’t for a long time.

This week has been a good and busy week, quite a lot of wedding preparations (not long to go now…) including a meeting at the venue to go through all the finer details. I’m so glad they do that as I hadn’t even considered half the things she brought up! We are having a pre-wedding shoot today, which I am really looking forward to, but then again I am a natural born poser who came out of the womb grinning at the camera I think. A is somewhat more reserved and less inclined to run in front of cameras, but hopefully we will both have some fun. All the photos we have of us are pretty much identical in stance and position so you never know we might get some slightly different ones today!

A year ago I had just left hospital for the first time in months. I have been rereading October 2006’s entries; it’s so strange to look at my life back then. As I am reading it, it is in a very detached way, as though I am reading about someone else’s life, because the only memory I have of it is psychological, as my body feels so different now I can’t even fathom how it felt unless I concentrate really hard whilst reading the account to put myself back in that place. I try to do that every now and then, I hope it will keep me grateful for the situation I now have. I had a bit of a row with a close friend the other week and when we were apologising and making peace afterwards she said “well it’s got to be a good sign, I would never have dared argue with you when you were so ill before!” All the good and all that bad that comes with being “normal” – I’ll take it and relish it and make it remind me how great it is to be alive.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've lost yet another friend, Em, it just isn't fair. My thoughts are with Gilly's family and friends.

It's good to hear you're doing so well though, and enjoying life! :) This time last year does seem like such a long time ago...and here you are, preparing for your wedding, yey!

Take care, love always xxx

Anonymous said...

Emily - don't forget YOU are the good news!!!!!
Lindy xxxxxxxxxxxx

Emmie said...


suzie said...

(((HUGS))) Em,
If we didnt remember the down's we would never fully appreciate the up's would we, friends are for life...not just for Christmas and we wouldn't be human if we didn't fall out from time to time.

I too am so very sorry to hear that sweetpea's call didn't come in time, my thoughts and prayers are with all her family and friends.

Take care chuck, if it wasn't for all the hard work you and Emma have done, less people would be signed up.


Anonymous said...

Emily, I'm so glad you are 'normal' now, lol.

Love, Randall