Sunday, October 14, 2007

How fast time flies...

So this weekend was my hen weekend, which had crept up on me incredibly quickly. Spearheaded by Lucy, my girlies had been plotting for some time and all I knew was that I was to keep this weekend free.

On Friday night I arrived at my sisters to get ready, clutching a bag overflowing with a variety of outfits (well if I didn’t know where we were going I should buy an outfit for every occasion – it seemed logical.) As we were getting ready Lu and Abby handed me gifts every now and then; a pink and sparkly disposable camera (HA no digital evidence of shame I thought, how na├»ve…) a flashing Bride-to-be badge, a tiara and veil and a wand with Bride in pink sparkly lettering. For the first time since all the planning and preparation began I suddenly actually felt like a real person about to get married, not just like I am planning for an event for either way into the future or for someone else.

We headed to a nearby town to meet some girls for drinks, and the plan was to continue on to a nightclub to dance the night away. Hen nights are supposed to be kept between the ladies so no I shall not be sharing all the details. I had an awesome evening but without going into too much detail I learned two very valuable lessons; 1) since my transplant I have not learned how to take my drink. 2) Shots still make me rather ill and 3) The toilets are not in fact located in the pub kitchen.

Saturday morning I woke up in a surprisingly bouncy mood, and we headed down for breakfast and cups of tea, at which point Lu let slip again that we were heading for a salsa lesson that night! We lounged around in our PJs, before I headed home for a quick shower to feel somewhat more human. On arriving back at my parents’ our “plastic cousin” (so called because she’s practically a cousin; we grew up together) arrived and we all sat down to watch some rather embarrassing videos of us cavorting around aged five in big frilly dresses (hers had more pink bows on than mine, I remember being very jealous). We started getting ready and set off on the train up to London (veil firmly on head again).

Our instructor was great fun, and we took it in turns spinning/gliding/stumbling round the room with him. After a fairly exhausting lesson we sat down for much needed tapas and more jugs of sangria and pina coladas (most of my drinks sans alcohol feeling still a tad queasy from the night before). At this point I shall go a little fuzzy on the details again suffice to say several dares including dancing on the bar and serenading some poor bewildered soul on my knees were carried out throughout the rest of the evening. We continued chatting and dancing till it was time to get the train home, and talked loudly all the way back.

This morning my father excelled himself when he cooked a spectacular breakfast for 15 hungry and somewhat hung-over women, who all wedged into our dining room and munched away, silent for the first time all weekend. More embarrassing photos and videos were produced (thanks girls) and tea and pain au chocolat with lots of reminiscing of school days finished the weekend off. I am now back home pretty tired but with a huge grin on my face; a spectacular weekend thanks to the most amazing girls. I dread to think of the various photos that are going to appear and think I may have to run away and change my name if my girls aren’t kind to me and delete the most dreadful ones. Most of their parting shots were “see you at the wedding!” which was a tad scary; really not long to go now...


Anonymous said...

Sounds as if you've had a fabulous week-end Emily, almost jealous, although I too cannot take drink since my transplant. Looking forward to seeing some wild and happy photos.

Good luck with the wedding, I'll bet you never expected it would actually happen. Meant in the nicest way possible.)

It is my birthday today and I still can't believe how lucky I am to be here!!!

Lots of love

Pauline :)

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like you all had a fab time at your Hen night etc.'go girls' ;)

luv n hugz and all VERY best for your wedding....:D

Elaine Rach & family xxxx

suzie said...


What a weekend and such a good idea to have it long before the wedding, I was zombified at the altar and said 'I do' without being able to focus on who I was 'I doing'

Shots are terrible things, they make you do things you normally wouldn't, can't wait to see the pic's.

Loadsa love

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Glad you had a great time xx

Emmie said...

Just uploading the pics from Friday night now ;o) Was fab to be there chipstick, sorry I wasn't well enough for Saturday's festivities but they sounded highly energetic so probably a wise move. You looked great in the veil and tiara btw, I reckon you should wear them on the big day haha! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow a hen night - how exciting for you :-) Sounds like you had lots of fun. Wedding must be close! Wah! Mrs Emily! Woot!
Lizzie xxxx

Sandylizz said...

Hen nights really do bring home the reality that the wedding is going to happen and its not just plans..... Sounds like you had a fab time! x x

Anonymous said...

So great to hear you had such a fab weekend, enjoy the rest of the wedding preparations - and of course the big day itself!

Lorraine said...

Enjoy - it's a time to remember and look back on with joy, and those things you can't remember I'm sure your family and friends will fill in! xx

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you had such a fun weekend.

Audrey xx

Anonymous said...

sounds really great, and you r lookin stunning inyour pic - make sure you put lots of the wedding on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how long is it to go?
keep having fun!!!!!!!
love jennie

Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't do anything that your Aunty Frizzy wouldn't do?! Glad you had a top weekend!

Anonymous said...

2007 is really your year isn't it!!!!! It just gets better and better. Thinking of you all,( Love to Anne.) Don't know when the wedding is but hope you have a fab day and as a previous entry says look forward to a whole lot of pics on here sometime afterwards. Can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun, and congratulations on everything!! Love Diane T.

Jac said...

Great to hear your weekend of festivities went well and you are still in one piece:-) I would love to have been a fly on the wall ;-)