Saturday, September 30, 2006

I didn’t want to update until it was looking as sure as possible but here we are in the early hours of Saturday morning and by all appearances my lung is still up, and more importantly…the drain is out. It was removed yesterday late afternoon after being clamped for 24 hours. I didn’t want to blog or tell anyone as each step progressed as I have been all the way down this path before to the point of packing my room up, and then three weeks later am still sitting here. However so far so good and it appears I will be heading home for weekend leave and it is all a bit surreal. These collapse episodes seem to drag on indefinitely with foreseeable solution or end, when suddenly things will turn a corner and everyone will rush to seize the chance and turf me out for some respite and freedom asap, which is what we are doing now and it is almost a bit overwhelming. I will be heading back here on Monday for a bit more rehabilitation work but we are oh so close now!

It was quite lovely timing as the doctor who removed it was one who was leaving that day. There are a really good group of doctors on the CF Team at the moment but I will still miss her an awful lot. She has been treating me since the beginning of this episode and has worked tirelessly (as do all the staff here but she just goes that extra mile) to try and get me and my delinquent lung back on the straight and narrow. It was a nice bit of closure for both of us I think, as it signifies (hopefully) the end of this particular rough patch which has taken a great deal of battling and hard work on all sides. It was quite an emotional moment.

I had some lovely visitors today although I managed to greet one group of them in a somewhat dramatic fashion by bumping into them downstairs outside Xray, demanding to be taken up by them (was bored of waiting for a porter) then dramatically running out of oxygen in the lift resulting in much chaos and formula one style racing around 1st floor whilst trying to find an O2 point. Some time later having regained composure and retrieved a new cylinder we returned to my room (where poor visitor #1 had been somewhat freaked out by the porter returning to question her as to my whereabouts when she had seen him wheel me off half an hour earlier) where I was presented with my rather spectacular present as pictured below. Those who have ever spoken to me on msn will recognize the smugface (which incidentally I am trying to replicate in the second photo, not just unable to smile nicely). Pinkandsparkly cake shall return home with me this weekend to celebrate first time at home with a non deflatey lung, nothing more to add really except a wholehearted, gleefully toe-wiggling, beaming from ear to ear and completely over excited YAY!

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Anonymous said...

YAY!!! It all sounds fabulous!! And your smile is a dead-ringer for that on the cake!
Have a great weekend, may it be a lovely sunny one for you. Sticky-uppy thoughts still heading your way, that lung is well and truly glued now with all of them flying towards you.

misdee said...

yum yum cake!!!

have a good weekend at home. you never know, the phone may ring ;)

(it hasnt rung this end yet)


Anonymous said...

Whoooo, so glad to hear you're getting home for the weekend "cake face" still sending sticky thoughts and many hugs your way.

Loads a love
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! have a great weekend at home and the cake looks very yummy! Take care and hope you get that all important call very very soon. with love xx

Anonymous said...

Yahoooooo !!!! what great news to wake up to , have a fab weekend emily and enjoy the cake , sending you lots and lots of Sticky-uppy thoughts,and lots of love from Alan and your angel maryb xxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Nice one Emily, Glad you are going home for the weekend. Enjoy the cake and I hope you get the call soon. Big pink and sticky thoughts going your way.

Take Care.


Simba said...


Have a great weekend! Big smiles :)

livvy said...

Oh lovely cake! Scrummy yummy!
Pleased to hear your escaping for the weekend - enjoy.
I see Dogby snook in the picture again - I hope he's going home too! xx

Anonymous said...

Lung-tastic news, Emily! Enjoy the rest at home and eat lots of cake (for Vitamin C). Honest.

Love from Philippa xxx

Anonymous said...

whoop whoop whoop whoop! thats great news em! enjoy every minute, as im sure u will! hugs xxxx

Tasha.x said...

YAYAYAY! So pleased to hear u are escaping for the weeekend. Still sending lots of sticky thoughts and hugs your way honey. Lots of

Have a fantabulous weekend x x

Anonymous said...

Hehe, that cake is fab! I hope you have a lovely weekend, enjoy yourself! :) Lots of love xxx
PS ooh, great news about that sticky-uppy lung! x

Anonymous said...

Soooo glad you get to go home for the weekend, and the cake looks yummy! Grace looks at your blog every time I do, I have no doubt where she gets her diva-esqueness from?! I hope you manage that smile all weekend

love MoO xx

Anonymous said...

Yay! So pleased the naughty lung seems to behaving and you gett o go homefor the weekend.. Im sure you will enjoy it no matter what the weather! Lets hope when you return on monday it wont be for much longer!

xx Sandy xx

Anonymous said...

Enjoy being at home with your family ,still sending sticky thoughts to that lung of yours ,have a great weekend.
much love ..Annex

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news to finish my day on :)

Smiles all round! Your smile is sooooo that cake...or that cake is sooooo your smile...which ever! It doesn't matter...just so pleased with your news.

Hope the sun shines lots...Still sending stikky-uppy thoughts and lots of pinkness your way.

Just willing that all important call for you.


Anonymous said...

It was really lovely to see you on Friday Emily. So so pleased that you did indeed manage to escape. Hope you are having a lovely time at home, enjoying the cake!

First thing Lucy asked when I got home was "How is Emily??" If they get chance, they will try to come and see you when she is up for her biopsy later this week.

Take care, sending lots of sticky up thoughts and vibes.

Loads of love and hugs

Bev xx

Emmie said...

Hey cake-face ;o)

So glad you liked the cake! I managed to escourt Brad out of the building without the knife making too many unexpected appearances...only to reach the hotel room and find he had brought with us! Good grief, can you imagine if they had done a security search on the underground and found a huge cake knife but no indication of a cake??!!! Haha.

Hope the delinquent lung is that description of it ;o)

Big hugs

Anonymous said...

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and with muchly enjoyable eating of pink cake :)

Thinking of you every day

ClareT-and-whole-family xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Emily having just read your message made me laff thinking of formulae 1 style racing around hospital corridors with friends as escorts! nothing like doing it in style!!!!! :D

Luv ya cake made me giggle looking at u pics! :D

Really do hope you savour every moment at home weekend leave.....

(((((hugz))) Elaine & Rach & family xxxxx