Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Am having to do my own typing tonight, which is a shame as I could get used to lying there idly dictating my thoughts to some poor scribe. I suspect everyone will be pleased to hear however that diva-eque behaviour has continued in my medical care. Due to now having a drain on water seal (large bucket with water in which prevents air from reentering tube, v technical) and said bucket being on suction (even larger machine plus more tubing which connects to bucket and generates constant pulling pressure, in my mind dispatching many tiny men with rigging ropes to manually pull my lung up) I am once again restricted to my bed, and the immediate surrounding area. I don’t mind this at all at present, as the morphine combined with lack of sleep (this drain doesn’t like me lying down) means I am fairly dozy, so bed is where I want to be. This restriction being the case however, going down to X-ray was great fun and involved quite an entourage of equipment and people to carry equipment – I did feel the strong desire to don some sunglasses and carry a minute and rat-like dog in my handbag, but managed to restrain myself to slightly more “in patient” like behaviour.

Shortly after the X-ray, my doctor burst in saying “can I speak to the lady with two fully inflated lungs please?” at which (rather unintelligently) I looked at my sister, as if my doctor would really be that heartless and revel in my deflateyness by using it to distinguish between me and my visitor. Of course what she actually meant is a mere 24 hours after insertion, the lung is up! If I had the energy I would have whooped and danced for glee, but I am quite tired so did so inwardly and gave an energetic thumbs up instead.

For some reason (cant think why) they appear not to trust my lung anymore, so despite all appearances of inflateyness, the drain will stay in for a week now, to make sure that not only is the lung up, but that it is sticking nicely to the lung lining in an inflamey manner. Having spoken to the transplant team, it has been decided that injecting some sort of antibiotic to create even more inflammation and therefore sticky behaviour is the way to go, and wont throw any spanners in the transplant works, so the team have ordered the drugs from Germany (!) and I will have that done sometime next week. Quite a sore procedure I think but they inject local anesthetic with it so I’m sure it will be fine. And anyway who cares because for the first time in 56 days MY LUNG IS UP!

Apologies for slightly worse than usual English tonight, I blame the drugs and/or tiredness, plus the jam donut I just enthusiastically munched spilling sugar all over the place isn’t helping. Mind you perhaps I do just need a permanent personal assistant to act as my scribe…


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! So glad to read that. May this German antibiotic do it's job and your lungs stay up where they should be for another 56 years (or at least until you get a new set!!).
Hugs and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Em ;)

Take care.

livvy said...

Oh bless you Miss Pink! Your certainly being shoved about at the moment. Sincerely hope the German drug works it's wonders so that countdown can be knocked on it's head.
Funny you should talk about a dog in a bag though ......!!! XX

Anonymous said...

Whoop whoop! That's great news, well done lungs! I don't see ANY problem with the sunglasses and dog by the way... hehe
Loads of love xxxxxx

Jenni said...

Yay! Well Done Emily and her Lungs! Hehe!
Now, just you take it easy and don't let them naughty lungs upstage you with their very diva-ish behaviour!
Luv ya your royal Pinkness!

Jenni xx

lil fairy said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! go miss inflatey lungs!! you rock pink fluffy socks! you really should get a scribe tho it would be like the ultimate diva thing :O sorry 2 hear u gottas have the nasty drain in for another week but hopefully lil lung will have learned that by god it is going to stay up wheter it likes it or not so it better take the nicer option and just behave :) sending lots of love sweetie

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear those lungs are behaving at last! and hopefully the German drugs will help! Hope you enjoyed the donut as much as you described, or was it donuts revenge??

Take care and hope you get home soon.

Love MoO xx

Sarah Milne said...

YAY!!! Great news Em. Hope the drugs from Germany do the trick and you are soon home with two inflatey lungs.
loads of love
Sarah xxx

Tasha.x said...

YAY thats the best news ever! Keep fighting ooo great pink one.. Hope those drugs from Germany work & u get home soon...Lots of luv cumin ur way...x

Lizzie said...

Ultimate Uber Major YAY YAY YAY!

Nicola said...

Whoopeddy doooooooo!!!(I just made that word up,so I am claiming copyright) ;)

Amazing news tootsie,that made me laugh so much when the doctor came in and you looked at your sister,haha I would have loved to have seen that :)

Much huggles

Anonymous said...

Sunglasses, rat-like dog... all you missed was the big, floaty hat & scarf.

Perhaps we should treat your lungs like naughty children and reward the positive. So, Well done fully inflated lung, you can have a gold star!

Keep smiling (should be easy enough with the morphine...)

Anonymous said...

Emily, good girl. Great news. I just knew you'd get there. I am going about my Swiss workplace, car, home, streets etc. muttering as many times a day as I can fit in, in a slightly demented manner, my little mantra "Emily's health is getting better and better". How about all you Emily-supporters joining in - and you too Em, putting it in first person. Let's bombard the heavens with a collective nag!! It can't fail. With all of us on your side, you just have to get better so let's go for it.......Well done again for your courage and perseverance

Simba said...


Surely the ultimate diva behaviour is having special drugs flown in from afar. ;) xxx

Jac said...

Next time you get carted down to x-ray I could give you a loan of Seb to shove in your handbag. I cannot however promise that he will stay there for more than 5 seconds. In fact he is most likey to leap from the trolley and sprint off down the corridor, possible barging into an operating theatre or the likes.

Clearly you would have to chase him, and although both lungs are now fully inflated, such activities are maybe best reserved for post Tx :)

So after all that, you will just have to stick with the sunglasses ;)

Much love and higs (and seb kisses)
Jac xxx

Anonymous said...

Hoorah! Hoorah! I am so pleased your lungs have fully reinflated. That's fantastic news.. Shame the drain has to stay in but less than a week to go now.. Love you loads xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy to hear this.

Can't they x-ray you in your own room? They did with me when i had my drains in and tied to the suctionmachine on the wall. They didn't want me to be off suction for a bit and on the waterlock yet so they came to x-ray me in my room every day, much easier hehe.

Hopefully this German drug will do it's job next week.

Crossing my fingers for you!
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such good news! I'll send in my C.V to act as scribe for you! (Oh and also some oversized sunglasses) So pleased Em. GO LUNG!
love you

Anonymous said...

AHH LUNGY, BRAVO!! Keep it up! (oh dear excuse the pun!!!!) dear lord though, i can see this diva behaviour getting out of hand...that pink limo may be a permanent fixture ;) and this is a little belated-but I would like to see more heart warming joint entries from both A and his pink lady, why its like...morphine for the soul! love to you

klics04 said...

yeah!!! we knew your lung could do it. hugs from lesnkev in cyprus
(ingas mumndad)

Anonymous said...

Great news Emily on the lung front. I think you should have a painted pink poodle for ultimate diva behaviour.

Love Angel from KPG.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic news to come home to Miss Em :0) A real smiley end to an otherwise rubbish day this end! Will keep everything crossed that these special drugs do their job. Keeping you close in thought as always. Carolyn xx

Anonymous said...

Cool bananas! xx

Emmie said...

Go go go! Miss fullyinflatedlungs! Daisy wanted to put herself forward for the diva handbag accessory but, like Seb, she would never stay inside it and could never look rat-like I'm sure you'll agree! She'd probably climb all over your gorgeous diva hairstyle and chew your massive diva sunglasses before slobbering all over your face in the excitment of being re-united with you after so long apart. May be Noodle could perform the task for you? Talking of which, where is he? I think the world needs to see Noodle in all his pink fluffiness! :o)
Massive huggles poppet xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Keep resting and give it a real chance of sticking. Maybe your mum could be your scribe then it will keep her off your chocolates!!!
Much love Julia

Anonymous said...

well done Em. I hope the paper bags stay up and a new set will arrive soon. Allour love and thoughts over here.Uncle Canada

Anonymous said...

where are you emily? you have not blogged for too many days. we are concerned to say the least. please assure us that you are ok!!!!j