Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Shortest of updates – chemical pleuradhesis (germanstickyuppydrug pumped in) was carried out this afternoon. Wont lie, it was rather painful and not very nice. My daddy was here, A arrived straight after work, and dear mother staying the night. Took a while to get on top of the pain but am much more comfortable now. A couple of hours or so of constant morphine juggling, that first moment of being able to relax after muscles had been shaking and tense was just so nice, I reveled in it!

Drain now unclamped to allow fluid (plus bleeding caused by tiny agitated lung wall being so furious) to escape. Just so to clarify, this type of procedure is not the gluing that prevents transplant, it is a much more natural but therefore crude version. Please all think extremely sticky thoughts, the stickiest you can, as there is only 50% success rate with this procedure and don’t particularly want to do this again any time in the near future.

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Jac said...

I'm glad they managed to go ahead with the pleuradhesis, but I'm sorry to hear it was so painful. I know thats what you expected, but it certainly doesn't make it one tiny bit easier.

I hope (even if its with aid of morphine) that you get some rest tonight, and awake to find the lung exactly where you left it! I will then continue to think very sticky thoughts every day from now on :)

Take care, sleep tight
Higs from Jac xxx

Anonymous said...

Hunuuuugngghhgh!!!! (That was a very concentrated sticky thought). Sticky hugs from Flipper XXX

Simba said...

S-st-st-stic-c-k-y-y-y-y s-st-st-ic-k-k st-i-ck-k st-i-c-k st-i-c-c-k-kk-KKKKK please Emily lungs.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Lots of love Ms Simba xxx

misdee said...

whats brown and sticky?

a stick!!!

lots of sticky-uppy thoughts heading your way.



Anonymous said...

Hope it works after all the aggro.

Rest well and hope you start to feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Emily Wemily. I've got to say it... you're being VERY brave hon. I'm sending the stickiest vibes that can be sent. Lots of love xxxx

Emmie said...

Sending you all my love dearest bobble of wonderment. You've done so well getting through that am I have a positive feeling about it having been succesful :o)Hope you get some rest tonight and that the morning brings a lovely bright new day. xxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Emily you are so brave. Hope everything goes well for you.
Sending you lots of pink and sticky thoughts.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Sending you all my love emily and im sure mary is watching over you tonight still holding your hand , side by side , your one in a million and i will always be greatfull for all the kind words you had for mary when she needed them most , love always Alan xxxx

lil fairy said...

Oh sorry to hear germanstickyuppy drug was so painful :( they really should invent drugs that do the same job only with no pain!
Am sending all the sticky uppy thoughts your way sweetie. Hope your ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
Just went to the garage to find the stickiest motorbike grease so I can send the right thought signals. Good luck PP.

Love Grunc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nicola said...

Oh sweetie,I am thinking as many stickiest uppiest thoughts as I can.

I knew it would be painful,but I didn't want to scare you.I know if someone had told me how painful it was I would have been even more terrified than I was.When my lung stuck itself at home I had kapake and tramadol to take,I thought I was dying,so I absolutely sympathise.I really hope the morphine does the trick and you get a restful nights sleep.

Lots of hugs

Nic x.

Anonymous said...

Sending many very sticky thoughts your way Em, I hope you managed to get a good nights sleep after going through all that.

Love and (((HUGS))) from all of us in Chester. xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Emily, you poor darling. It's just not right that you have to go through so much pain on top of those distressing discussions. This will work, don't worry, and it will be well worth it in the end. My thoughts are going to be STICKY STICKY STICKY all day long. Rest as much as circumstances and discomfort will allow, your body will recuperate all the quicker. Take care love. J.

livvy said...

Massive pink sticky thoughts coming your way from me.
I hope this procedure keeps that naughty lung in check until those new one's arrive. Much love, xx

Anonymous said...

Glue, Adhesive ,cement, resin, bonding agent, Pritt, Blue Peter, sticky back plastic, feathers, toffee, gum, sticks.... thats all the sticky thoughts I can think of, and they are all coming your way you lucky lady!

Em. xx

Anonymous said...

Lots of sticky thoughts are coming your way from the other side of the canal!
Hopefully the germansticky drug will do it's job!

xxx, Marjolein

Tasha.x said...

Sending as many very sticky thoughts your way Em, I hope you managed to get a good nights sleep after going through all that & hope that today will be a much easier day for u. THINK STICKYYYYYYY
Lots of love xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Em, I am wishing so hard that this works for you, I hope things are going ok today.

All the best from me and husband and chickens and sister who i know reads your blog too :)

Fi in a very autumnal aberdeen

Anonymous said...

stick stick sticky sticky stick stick stick stick stick sticky stick sticky sticky sticky sticky stick stick sticky sticky sticky sticky stick sticky sticky sticky sticky stick stick stick stick stick....

Anonymous said...

hello my little poppadom. its been a while since i've been able to write as i've been back in brizzle without an internet (which, by the way, i am having withdrawal symptoms from)...but my Pa has been updating me on all things Em. I'm currently furiously typing away in the library, thinking the ultimate sticky thought. i even feel a little sticky. i'm thinking chewing gum, i'm thinking superglue, i'm thinking extra sticky toffee. love you lots

Anonymous said...

I hope the pain is better today and all those sticky thoughts are doing their job! Sending you more pink, fluffy, sparkly sticky thoughts this morning :)
Lots of love xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Em,

We're thinking the stickiest of thoughts for you. xx

Anonymous said...

all kinds of thoughts - sticky and otherwise! still coming your way from me and my family..

lots and lots of love to you and yours,


Anonymous said...

Oh Emily, all my love and stickyness darling. xxx

Anonymous said...

Em, you are such a brave sausage! Im sorry to hear procedure was so painful. Im thinking very sticky thoughts for it to hold for you, and lets hope the morphine kicks in and allows you to have some painfree rest.

Lots of pink fluffy hugs to you.

Lisa xxxx

Lizzie said...

Sticky sticky stickyness heading your way from me! So sorry to hear it was so painful! :-(
Hope you're feeling better today :-)
Lizzie xxx