Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just under 24 hours after general stickinducingness was performed and the drain is now clamped! This is the next step, and so now we wait to see if tinylung can stay standing, before we contemplate step 3, which would be drain removal! Just to explain a little more as to the procedure I had done yesterday (as I now think I have got my head round it therefore following this probably na├»ve believe will attempt an explanation) – because my lung was being a stubborn little blighter and refusing to stay up nicely all on its own, we needed to make it stick. Putting something man made in there (like superglue or a perhaps less toxic version) wouldn’t be good as…well you have seen the damage caused if you have ever superglued something and then tried to remove it, and we are hoping to get these lungs out for transplant!

So what they have oh so cleverly done is hopefully provoked my body into creating its own weak form (pritt stick if you will) of glue. This was done by making it inflamed, because when you make something inflamed, it produces proteins which are naturally sticky. So this drug was injected not because it was sticky (as I previously thought) but because it makes the little lung cavity so inflamed and furious that it throws all this protein out in a fit of rage (a bit like I do when I am angry and I hurtle pots of tablets on the floor then pull a satisfied naughty face as it does make me feel better) and all this inflammatory response will make the lung stick! Hey presto!

Of course unfortunately inflammation can be quite sore, and we were attempting to cause a huge response in a very short space of time, which is why it hurt so much. Therefore my complaints of burning swelling and bruising sensations whilst met with sympathy (the staff were as always going beyond the call of duty to do whatever they could to help) were kind of cause for celebration as it means its working. It is not a nice procedure to undergo BUT hopefully this will be my pass card out of hospital so I was willing to go for it. I just kept concentrating through gritted teeth on my lounge at home, on my pink room, and on my own bed. Even if I can get home for a bit it will all be worth it. And once the initial huge swell of inflammation had passed, we are now down to a much more tolerable ache and bruising sensation, and I really don’t mind that at all. In fact today I have been merrily talking the ear off of anyone who has entered the room; I always feel pretty grateful and chirpy the day after a very bad day, as everything automatically seems so much easier and nicer. Thank you for lovely emails/texts/comments and things as always, muchly appreciated and of course all those sticky thoughts - I’m sure no one else in the world can be asking for sticky thoughts so I am not depriving anyone of them by hogging them all so keep them coming!


Lizzie said...

Hiya Emily
Glad to hear you're feeling less pain today. Purposefull inflammation doesn't sound like fun at all.
I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that this has done the trick to get you home to your pink bed
Lizzie xxxx

Anonymous said...

You? Talking the ear off people? I'm shocked! ;-)

Here's to muchly stickingness. I'm sending all the pink sticky vibes I can muster.

Best always,

~ James

Anonymous said...

Hiya Emily,

Glad to hear you're doing better then yesterday! Hoping with all my might, this stickiness STICKS for you! Smiles!


Anonymous said...

Hi Em , great to see your doing much better, sending you lots of stickingness and so much love Alan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Curse you Sweetiebobble girl! You are proving a mightier foe than Hobgoblin and Dr Octo combined.

Without the youth of the world sending me their sticky thoughts my spider skills are seriously undermined... I am currently unable to scale tall buildings or swing through the metropolitis.

In fact, if I'm honest, I have spent the last two days unable to climb out of my bathtub and my lycra is now beginning to shrink.

Get well soon...for the sake of all mankind!


Anonymous said...

Yay! x

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to think of pink sticky things to send you inspiration:

Strawberry hubba bubba?

All indeed are pink and sticky but none of them are quite up to your obviously high pink sticking standards. So I'm sending you lots of happy thoughts and prayers instead. Keep it (and those naughty lungs!) up! x

Jac said...

Glad to hear things are a little easier today, and that step 2 in the great german drug plan was successful!

The stickiest thing I can think of at the moment is Seb's eye (he has conjunctivitis) but I would rather not send you that. He needs it for squirrel watching.

I will send some tegaderm instead. If not useful for keeping lung in place, its great for stopping silly high shoes giving you blisters ;)

love and higs
Jac xx

Sarah Milne said...

YAY!!! Glad you are feeling more pink and sparkly today. Sending huge amounts of sticky thoughts your way. Thinking candifloss and sticky sweets (pink of course). I really hope all goes well over the next few days and you are home with A where you belong really really soon...
loads of love as always and sticky cuddles from William (who is not really a sticky child as he doesn't eat so cuddles would have to come after a specially sticky gluing session - we'll have one in your honour tomorrow with lots of pink and sparkly paper) xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, I left you a post on the forum to say hi how ya doin but i can see exactly how you are on here. So just a quickie to send big huge hugs and healthy brainwaves your way. Huge kiss Kitten xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Emily sending u lotsa stickyness for your lungs etc 'if you know what I mean1' Let hope proceedure helps after all you have been through such a remarkable young lady. ((((hugz)))
Glad you find comfort in reading all msges sent to you etc -sending positive vibes your way. Also a hello to your family too as exhausting time for them too. Having been a parent of a very sick teen do have some comprehension of what they must be go through too........

Take care best wishes Elaine Rach & all xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sending you all the stickiness thoughts I can! The procedure doesnt sound like fun and you have been really brave.. so I really hope it all goes well! You deserve it..
So hope these lungs are listening to the sticky thoughts!

xx Sandy xx

inga cheale said...

hi emily
glad you are feeling a bit better xx sending hugs and kisses xxxx sloppy ones from daisy and murphy xxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh,German agitation, well whatever works :-). Sending lots of pink, sticky protein agitating thoughts. Isabel's may be more chocolate cakey very sticky, quite cute thoughts, but hope they are just as effective.
Katie, Seth and Isabel

Anonymous said...

Emily, great news. Thanks for the technical explanation, it would be very fascinating if you weren't on the receiving end of all that pain!! This WILl WORK and you will be home before you know it. What a difficult week you have had........Hats off for your amazing bravery. And I agree, you need all our sympathy but so do your wonderful family and A. What an ordeal to be going through. It's time for the beautiful butterfly to come out from the shade and into the sunshine where she belongs. Here's wishing you an exceptionally happy, healthy and painfree weekend.
Hugs, J.

Anonymous said...

emily sending loads of pink extremely sticky vibes ur way, and ur right, all my sticky vibes going to you!! good luck for this procedure xxx

Fi said...

Hang in there hen; wishing you all the best as usual

Anonymous said...

sticky thoughts by the truckload on their way to you .Hope you get home to that pink bedroom of yours asap.
much love .Anne

Anonymous said...

You are showing them who is boss poppit!! You inspire me so much. You are one of the people that are insiring me to fight as hard as I can. My friend Jonas went through what you are going through now, before he got his lungs. Many prayers and thoughts. Love ya girly!
-breath_seeker- Nicole Boyce