Monday, September 18, 2006

Sorry for the slight lapse on the blogging front for a few days, which rest assured is generally a good thing as it means I am pootling (an existing word? It should be…) along in a rare but calm manner – any naughty lung behaviour or groundbreaking events (such as my transplant) should be reported on fairly swiftly. I have been feeling a little flat, definitely nothing to worry about, I am sure it is just down to having this drain in which although the pain is far better controlled this time round is still just…well very draining (terrible pun there I know but it was the adjective that has been firmly stuck in my head, plus it makes me smile to describe it as this so I thought I should use it).

Anyway I don’t know why I am flat because I actually had a rather lovely weekend! Got to see a variety of family and friends, my favourite moment being Saturday afternoon when unexpectedly my whole family ended up up here at the same time, and it was just so lovely to be sitting and chatting, the five of us together for no big reason such as a major lung related drama or imminent possible removal of current pair. The other rather thrilling thing which still makes me scrunch my toes up with glee is that I had the surreal and exciting opportunity to chat to one of my all-time favourite people – you know those ones that you list on who you would invite to your fantasy dinner party. Somehow, some kind soul tracked down and contacted the comic genius that is Bill Bailey (anyone who does not know who this is I demand you leave your computer desk this instant, equip yourself with a copy of “Part Troll” and educate yourself) knowing that he is one of my heroes, and suddenly I found myself in the exciting but slightly nerve-wracking position of waiting for a phone call from someone whose work I quote in conversation all the time. Having avidly watched my phone and willed it to ring for quite some time, I managed to throw it on the floor with excitement when it did ring, then thinking I had picked up shouted “hello” rather over enthusiastically to a still ringing phone, thus missing the call. No need for a pouty face however as this merely resulted in a voicemail being left, which I may or may not have played back many many times already. I am allowed, I have been in hospital a very long time and let’s face it, comedy legends rarely call me.

Due to knowing much of his stand up routine inside out, combined with the knowledge of my own rather reliably blonde nature, my one biggest fear was that I would start quoting back some of my favourite bits during the conversation like some crazed loon (wouldn’t be far wrong then) which I am pleased to say I managed to steer clear of doing, although there was vague mentions of a trouser press at one point but I don’t believe I was to blame. He was absolutely fantastic to talk to and I twittered on for quite some time - he was very friendly, interesting and of course very witty.

As for my lungs, I think they decided to have the weekend off from misbehaving as they were sitting quite quietly, probably in stunned surprise at speaking to famous comedian, and the drain has even not been bubbling that much which shows less of an airleak. Mind you they did have a bit of a hissy fit at about 1.30am on Saturday night, when they took a strong dislike to the intense and severe coughing fit I was experiencing causing a fair amount of pain and the drain to go absolutely bonkers and bubble like a cauldron on a low budget kids horror film. X-ray the following day revealed no real change so I am sure it just my lungs reminding me that they are still in control Which reminds me there was a question from someone about bringing the X-ray machine up to the room? They often do that for me, but this pneumo being a nice complex one cannot be seen on a normal front/back X-ray, I have to have what is called a “lateral” which is where you stand sideways on, that being the only way you can see this air pocket due to its positioning. Laterals can only be done downstairs with the proper screen, just to make life a bit more interesting and get me that bit more attention as I traipse through the hospital with my entourage, suction machine and all!

I am waiting for the doctors to put in an appearance so I can jot down this weeks plan, but you can guarantee delaying posting this will result in them not showing, so I think I will blog now in the hope it encourages them to turn up just after I publish it…and sure enough as I wrote that, in they all traipsed, hurrah! Drain to stay on suction till tomorrow, when they will take it off suction (ie take down the scaffolding) but leave the drain in place. If all goes well and it stays still, we will discuss whether to do this medical pleuradhesis whatnot, which is the injecting powdered german drugs thing into the chest drain. I explain things so well, I could be a medical lecturer me.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear your still bubbling away emily, especially seeing as your doing more bubbling than the drain. (that made more sense in my head) And i must say i'm rather shocked to hear about docters doing the unususal thing of apperaring right on que... what have you got planned for your next magic trick?

sending you pink sparkles as always

Ingshe xx

Anonymous said...

BILL BAILEY!!!!! OH EM!!!!! I am still flabberghasted from such ecstatic news. And well WELL done for not discussing Argos or requesting a love ballad...I cannot promise that I could have been quite so well behaved. Outstanding!xxxx p.s. ooh first comment hotspot yay!

Anonymous said...

oh lol...not so much with the first comment hotspot...pipped at the post! one of these days...!xxx

Anonymous said...

Even in hospital you manage to lead a glamourous media lifestlye, that most can only dream of! Only you Em!

Well done on resisting the quoting urge! You have more will power than I thought previously!

Em. x

Anonymous said...

glad to hear things are going well, hoping you will get that call really really soon.keep up the cheery chat,it must've been amazing to have a celeb contact you but then HEY, YOU are a celeb yourself!!(hope he appreciated that!)

Sending loads of pink wishes,xx

Jac said...

I am lmao at you throwing the phone on the floor then shouting hello at a still ringing phone! I am also lmao at the thought of you as a medical lecturer. I know you are a great believer in being able to do whatever you set your heart on..but really Em..give up on this career option now. You would not allowed to use phrases such as 'patient is pootling along', nor refer to drugs only by their country of origin ;) You crack me up..keep up the fab blogs.
Higs and hugs (just to be wild)
Jac xx

Anonymous said...

you should have this stuff published lady! Hope the removal of scaffolding goes well.

Lots of love as ever

MoOey xx

Nicola said...

Ahhh,you know I really would be dissapointed if you weren't talking to all these famous people,it gives me something to tell everyone I know ;)

I'm also quite sure that you would make a much better medical lecturer than I,after our conversation about my lung,I think the world would be doomed hehe.

Head up young person :)

Muchly hugs x.

Anonymous said...

Who's Bill Bailey?? I am such a philistine.. I will Google and get back to you, lest you never speak to me again due to my woeful ignorance..

*some time later*

Ah right.. sorted.. he's a bearded wonder featuring primarily on Channel 4! Well I am glad you got to speak to him and that you also have him on your voicemail to listen to repeatedly going.. "Hello? Emily? Hello?? Hello???" (One of his lesser comedy-moments but very thrilling for the Emily in question I realise.. :))

Take care girly... lots of love

Clare xx (hope you got my email sent to the LiveLife addy...)

Anonymous said...

great to hear I'm not the only one not knowing BB - maybe living over here is an excuse!! wonderful that you got your moment with him Emily. When you are back on your feet I agree you should publish; you have a gift for the gab as we say in the Emerald Isle. Happy to hear your weekend was good - feeling flat is a normal reaction after all you've been through. Looks like your lungs are unhappy with the foreign intrusion so here's hoping the drain comes out soon. bisous, J.

Anonymous said...

Emily ,I've been away for 2 wks and viited your blog as soon as I came home to see how you were ,things seem to be slightly better for you ,still battling away ,I saw you on the news before I left and shouted my husband to see you (yes you're famouse in our house) although your ill you look amazing and spoke so well i'm sure you have done a lot for other people waiting for transplants .Bill Bailly phoning you how cool is that !!! it must have cheered you up as I know hospital can be dreary especially after 7 wks .I remember you in my prayers every night you are a special girl to even people like me who have never met you we want to see you with a new pair of lungs giving it "all that!" best pink fluffy cuddly wishes ..

Anonymous said...

Bill Bailey!??! You lucky duckie. Hope he's not pinched any of your material! ;0)

Feeling the flatness must be considered 'normal'(although hate that word), considering the antics of your lung. Hope it gives way to an upward curve of sparkling delights.

All the best. xx

Simba said...

Hey Little Miss Smiley :)

Glad things are going in the right direction and hoping you are feeling a bit more 3-dimensional today!

Am a BIG Bill Bailey fan as he's so very, very funny but also 'cos he makes coming from the West Country cool! Hurrah for him for calling you. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! Can I get front row tickets to his next gig with you