Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hurrah for the ultimate Diva behaviour. Am sitting dictating desired words to A who is typing ever so nicely, although additional compliments may be inserted by him, not me…

Short entry to say, drain is in. They put it in today, the delay probably being due to having to find head radiographer from hiding place where I suspect he ran to upon hearing my name. I was much better behaved this time, A only heard me yelp once even though procedure was actually more complex and took longer; my doctor says I deserve an award, as I am the only person she has ever seen make the head radiographer break into a sweat. We are being much more aggressive with pain management. Cant have too much morphine in case lungs forget to breathe, due to being too high, but, so far so good yay! (Emily had to explain how she wanted ‘yay’ spelt, never come across it in my vocab!- ooops, now Em saying that I don’t read her emails properly!)

Off to be looked after now by my lovely man (she did dictate that!- but oh how true!)…
As always thanks for all of the thoughts and wishes…
And now, a shock moment of rarity- I’m going to let A get a word in edgeways (she must be unwell!)

Saw Emily enter a large doughnut today. Interesting… CT scanners are a sort of mythical machine that us ‘visitors’ never get to see. But I was allowed into the room (they think I work here, because I am here so much) before they started the scan, and it was indeed an impressive machine. Sounds very odd to say I wanted to have a go, but it looked quite space age and fun! Needless to say, it was not fun, for Emily. Came back from getting a healthy hospital snack (crisps) and a hot chocolate (wish I had as much interest in a treadmill, as I did with mechanical doughnut)- to the sounds of pain. Not pleasant I am sure, but apparently, much less than the previous occasion. Very odd thing- to be in the waiting room and feeling proud of someone- someone working very hard, being amazingly brave and facing the fear of the procedure that was so horrific the last time.

After reading Marie-Claire, June, July and an Xmas special supplement (lovely waiting room reading material- left me thinking, are men allowed in here!) I was reunited by a surprisingly calm and mellow Emily, smiling and being very good. With my top tips for the summer and horoscopes for December 2005 fresh in my head, I assisted in taking Em back to the ward. What a lot of pain, agony and effort. But, all faced head on by a pro, Em doing her battling routine with herself, and keeping on top of the pain. Treadmill really needed now, for I have consumed bits of her dinner, chocolate bar, crisps, lilt and other bits and bobs. How nice. But all worth it, to be close to hand, to move a pillow or adjust the lighting. Soon I will be too large to get up and turn the light off, so please submit your entries. Anyway, we are enjoying a calm and relaxing evening and despite the pain, Emily is in fantastic spirits and we have had many laughs and cuddles.


Simba said...

Ahhhh that is such a sweet blog. :) You two are such a lovely adorable couple. Hurrah for super-strong Emilyness and good writing Adamness.

But not knowing YAY!, can Adam ever be forgiven?? Umm...not sure ;)

Have a great evening: cuddles and laughs sounds perfect.

lots of love Ms Simba xxx

Anonymous said...

Thinking of u loads! Make sure u do a good job looking after her Adam! Ha, I'm sure u will! Keep positive both, lots of love. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!!! so glad things have gone well for you Emily. Well done Adam for keeping us updated and being such a good secretary!lol

Wishing you speedy get well vibes!

Take care

Lisa xxxx :)

Anonymous said...

I was writing yay for A and Emily until I realised that it looked like 'yay for A & E' which wasn't quite what I had in mind!

Glad drainy thing is in place and that A is being (mal)nourished with all your snacks. No haribo??

Best to you both :)

~ James

Jac said...

So glad to hear the drain is back in and well done for surviving it with only one yelp. That's impressive ;)

Also good to hear that Adam has taken on the important roles of light positioning and pillow fluffing. I hope, and assume, he is also taking care of 'straw in juice' adjusting and passing of all objects more than 1 foot from bed. Good to know you are both managing to keep smiling:)
love and higs
jac xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're making the best of the day kids. awwww, young love is cute ;)

livvy said...

Bless you both! That made me smile the thought of A reading Marie Claire back issues whilst you were shoved through a large Doughnut! So nice to have your man near when you need him and he's obviously got the same sense of humour as you! You also have your own Personal Assistant I see - very good job he does too!
Much love and enjoy the hugs, xx

Anonymous said...

Great relay blogging from you both!

All our pain-relieving wishes being sent your way.

Stay cool. xxx

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh you so brave Emily deserve a medal!Glad you had A by your side comforting you awwwww ;)and no need for xcuses to be papmpered n luved & cuddles awwww ;)

lots of positve vibes to you all made me laff reading your post.Even now glad to see you still have pink fluffy humor lol

(((hugz))) Elaine Rach & family xxx

Lizzie said...

Thinking of you Emily, sound like u have a corker of a man with you (am i from the 1950's?). Hope this drain helps you now. How can anyone not know how to spell yay?

Lizzie xxx

Chris Bamber said...


Been watching the blogs since I stumbled over the Angels entry on Just Giving (I couldn't resist sponsoring such a great sounding team!)

This is a little belated, but the biggest congratulations for completing the run/walk/push!! Especially with everything you have been going through this is a huge achievement!

Glad to see that the drain is helping and accept my best wishes for a speedy recovery!!
Chris Bamber

lil fairy said...

YAY go brave miss emily! i think A should get you lots more sweetiebobbles and pink things (is that actually possible as i'm sure you have almost every pink item in the world??) now as you muchly deserve them!
hope A has been a good pillow fluffer n general doy things 4 ya :D
hope you are both fine n still chirpy.
sending lots of love n cuddles

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update A!!

Em, I hope you're feeling a little more comfortable now and all went well. I haven't the slightest idea of what the doughnut did/does/is for, but I hoped it helped in the long run!!

YAY for hospital waiting room magazines and junk food, but I really think Emily should be sharing her sweetybobbles in these situations ;)

Hugs to you both.

Anonymous said...

Emily, you don't deserve a medal, you deserve thousands. I don't honestly know ANYONE as brave as you. Thank goodness for your Mum, Dad, sisters and A and for all the loving support you are getting. Thinking of you constantly. The drain treatment sounds horrific - congrats for hanging in there and keeping your smile. With so many people on your side you have just got to GET BETTER SOON.

Nicola said...

I'm so glad that you are managing to maintain a divaesque manner even though you have the drain in and on morphine.It's much easier to be a diva when your like that,people just can't get angry with you ;)

I knew you would be fine sweetie,you are such a star.

Oh also,well done Adam for taking on such important roles as light positioning,and I'm glad to hear you are both smiling through what is a tough and trying time.

Muchly hugs Nx.

Anonymous said...

You two are just amazing!

A, maybe we need to find you a gym where all the equipment resembles items of junk food... Bar of chocolate treadmill, biscuit weights, doughnut shaped bicycle wheels.. mmmm! At least I know who to turn to for last year's fasion advice!