Monday, September 04, 2006

Photos of the Hydro active 2006

There are hundreds more but I dont know how many blogger will allow, so I will put these up for now, and try and make a slideshow at a later date.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Making our way along the course - me wheeling with great grace and dignity and not at all over excited.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Excited Angels getting into the spirit of things.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Time to start walking! Oxygen, check, tiara, check...notice the slight fear in my eyes!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Check out the serious walking face I am sporting there. Angels supporting me every step of the way, plus some cheering from the sidelines having been mad enough to run it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
And over the finish line I go. Absolute best feeling in the world.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The emotion of the day catching up on me, but they are tears of joy, of relief and of absolute overwhelming happiness.


Anonymous said...

O Emmy! those pictures are wonderfull and sum up an absolutely perfect day!
Hooray for you, you very pink wonderfull person u! We are all so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily!

Just a quick message to say I was standing next to you at the start line and you and all your angels were so funny, happy and truly inspirational.

And the sun came out! Yay!

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Loved the pics, especially the last one (post finish line)which is very disco diva-ish ;-)

I saw some of Emmie too, resplendent in stripey tutu and stripey socks, and I have to say we PWCF are a sartorially dazzling lot :D

~ James

Sarah Milne said...

What amazing pictures Em. I really wish I could have seen you but was marshelled away. I have tears just seeing the pictures so would have blubbed in most embarassing fashion if I had seen you - wouldn't have been the only one! Well done, what an amazing day. Hope to see you again soon.
loads of love and hugs
Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow wonderful pics Emily you all look amazing all pink n fluffy Angels. Looked like a great social event too with your friends -any xcuse for a party1 lol ;)

Well done to all of you... such a great cause..Go girls! xx

best wishes Elaien Rach & family xxxx

Jenni said...

Emily you look amazing huni! I am so proud of you.
And the clothes are great! Hehe! Well Done.
Woo! Go Angels!

Luv Jenni xx

lil fairy said...

Em sweetie those pics are fab. you are a true princess! Loving lots of pink princessness! I am so proud of you sweetie. you done an amazing job!
sending lots of love

Unknown said...

Big CONGRATULATIONS Emily glad you had a wonderful day. The oxygen must be great stuff if it keeps you going. Keep up the good work.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Look at these gorgeous pictures. The day was magical...I too shed a tear as we crossed that finish line...I was practically radioactive with vast amounts of glowing pride. I dub thee Miss. Amazing. I feel so so honoured to know you and the whole wonderful Thackray clan; you have a very special sparkle. Love always, Charlotte xxx p.s. my radioactive pride can be noted in several of these pics! ;)

Anonymous said...

You're amazing and inspiring. Someone should name a star after you.

Anonymous said...

Wow I am just speechless, well done, it sounds like a fantastic day and I wish I knew you and your friends as I'd have loved to have come along.
I can't believe you did it in 31 minutes too - that's better than my 5k time and I thought I was doing well. I'm well and truly put to shame!!
All the best, Katie xx