Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Disaster: I discovered about 20 mins ago that I have inadvertently sent home my entire sweetiebobble supply when I packed up most of my stuff yesterday (I have been here 7 weeks and accumulated huge amounts of stuff so am sending it home in several loads). I don't know how it happened, I had 3 tubs of the stuff up here.... A not impressed as we have 2 tubs at home, which makes a grand total of 5 taking up space in the cupboard. I have now been threatened with having it added to savoury food as well as penance for naughty behaviour.

Will blog something more sensible later.


Anonymous said...

Ah, a normal Emily post! That's what I like to read :o)

Anonymous said...

Forty-eight hours without sweetybobbles!! Oh mon Dieu, quelle horreur ! :-( You'll go through withdrawal symptoms!! ;-)

I loved the slideshow - 'Proud' says it all :D

Best always,

~ James

Emmie said...

I don't believe this! I've bought you English and Austrian sweetiebobbles whilst you've been hospital and now you are somehow suddenly sweetiebobbleless! There is only one course of action, someone is simply going to HAVE to rush out and get you some...otherwise the staff are going to have to deal with a potential medical emergency (or at least an extremely sulky Emily face, which may actually be harder to sort out....)

hickpea said...

aagh, total disaster. Almost as disastrous as me posting on myspace before reading your blog. I hope you rejoin your sweetybobbles very soon indeed.
Hugs again

Sare (saz, or whatever I'm called today...)

Jac said...

This has got to be the worst news I've heard all day. In fact, I may need to lie down for a while. Thinking of you and hoping you find some sweetiebobbles soon ;)

Much love and higs
Jac xx

Nicola said...

Oh my goodness,this is seriously bad news.I think a state of emergency should be declared in the U.K.
Maybe you could do a sulky face to your Mum or Dad and they will go and buy you some from the supermarket?!?!

Hope you are feeling well

Muchly hugs


Anonymous said...

I got listed as of 4pm EST!

Anonymous said...

I got listed! Sorry I forgot to sign my last post!


Simba said...

Something more sensible later?

Is this not a very serious matter?

I hope you are reunited with your sweetiebobbles soon. Already, actually. Before you read this. How long is it possible to go without for? xx