Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yesterday was another somewhat eventful day on the lung front then...the drain which was inserted the day before was not a particularly nice one. I don’t want to scare anyone who has never had a chest drain before, rest assured I have had quite a few in and previous ones have always been fine (a tad uncomfortable or sore at times but fine) but this one was a little demon. They did warn me this might be the case as it was an anterior drain (in the front of the chest whereas they usually go in the side) and it took an immediate dislike to me doing, well anything which didn’t involve sitting bolt upright really. Consequently I got very little sleep, and it took a hefty whack of IV morphine to finally get on top of the pain.

I went to be X-rayed at midday, and as I sat down noticed the film, and asked the radiographer where the drain was. She started to look for it whilst I cracked some lame joke about having an invisible drain but then the porters whisked me away before we could locate it. When I got back upstairs, the doctors came in and requested to have a look at the sight. Sensing something was up I asked what was going on and they confessed it seems that the drain had come out and they weren’t quite sure why. I am fairly sure I know exactly why – it obviously wasn’t just me that hated said drain, my little lung also decided that this was clearly not on and forced it out of my chest. This has since been verified as the most likely (yet surprising) cause and amuses me greatly - teenylung is going for the iron man title by forcing tubing out of cavity then, my lungs seem to have such personality; that is what keeps me so fond of them!

So 24 hours after insertion, the drain was removed. As it was such a small drain, they merely stuck an airtight plaster over the site, and I had the most blissful 2 hours sleep ever (sleep always feels SO good when you haven’t been able to for so long). On awaking and sitting up to attempt some of the hospital cuisine, I glanced down and nearly fell off the bed when I discovered the plaster had formed large bubble (which had an uncanny resemblance to the millennium dome) signifying that the wound had decided to stay firmly open and leak air out in a stubborn manner. Whilst it was vaguely tempting to see how large this bubble could get (perhaps I could start running bets, size of my fist? My head? Etc) we decided to put a to stop the leakage asap. This wasn’t a huge problem, simply required some stitching, but does of course indicate the persistent airleak is still there. Next job is to sit and wait, hope that the lung does not just continue to slowly go down (as it has done so far) and if so roll up chest drain number 4.

Feeling a tiny bit down today, but I think that is just because it has been a rough few days nicely marked by it being exactly 1 calendar month today since I moved in here (went to A&E on the 19th, was transferred on the 20th). They are trying to give me a very restful day today (just blood cultures to be done to find out what is causing these temps which are still persisting) and so after a bit of sleep and reading trashy mags and stuff (yay!) I shall be back on wiggling form again.


Anonymous said...

Sending you all my love xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sweetie,I'm sorry the wee pigtail didn't work for you.I have all my fingers crossed that teenylung will behave and stay in one place for a while.Head up young person,you are doing so well managing to stay cheery and smiley through all of this.

Muchly hugs
Nic x.

Music_Mad_Nic said...

Sorry to hear that things werent all that comfortable for you =[
hope they get better soon and you hae a good nights sleep


Emmie said...

Oh sweetiepie, I'm sorry things are still being so tough for you. Your teenywee lungs do have a fantasticly stubborn personality though ;o) I will try to ring you this evening if you are up to it. Daisy sends you big furry kisses to cheer you up. She has managed to burst a record THREE footballs this week and wonders if she could use your leaky lung to re-inflate them please?! Big hugs hunni xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Right that does it, seeing as I can't get there I'm sending the stick of pink rock to plug leaky lung!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're impressed that i've managed to get on the 'net'.
was ace to see you on Friday and so sorry that you had a rough day yesterday, just really hope that you are more comfortable now and that the next few days see you whizzing up and down those corridors.

ready and waiting for the personal shopping experience!
much love Nicky xx

Anonymous said...

You are very much in all our thoughts at the moment...even hubby is now pointing out "pink" things whilst on our holiday last week! I have a picture on my phone of a pink beetle car with fully co-ordinated pink interior that we saw the other day and just made me think of you! Sending you much love and strength. Carolyn aka James' Mum x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
Thought I'd better comment if Nicky has !!
Was great to see you on Friday and the walking up and down the ward is fantastic progress.
Sorry drain has been a pain - Keep resting and excercising when pos only 2 weeks until the big race - we need you there!!You CAN do it.
Much Love Julia

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going quite as they should be- bloomin nuisance! Hope you're feeling a bit more up-beat today though- keep positive even though I know it's hard. Lots of love. xxxxx

Simba said...

Sorry to hear that your lungs are still being little pesks. :(

Really, really hoping with all my heart that you start feeling a bit better soon.

Thinking of you. Lots of love Ms Simba xxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya aww sory to hear you yet again having a tough time.... keeping staff on their toes again!!

Been nursing the twins after their major dental ops @ mo they arguing with me so starting to feel better lol!!! 'teen thing!'.

Anyhow (((hugz))) 2 u will send u nice e card so keep look out ;)

Take Care Emily ;)

Elaine Rach & family xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

We think you (and the family) are brave because despite being scared and anxious and getting low at times you all continue to fight through it. People who feel no fear don't need to be brave!
Hope this week is better for you..
Love Kate & Alice x x

Jac said...

hey Em
Just got internet connection today, so only just caught up with your blog. Not good to hear about new drain (I cant believe it came out unaided...are you sure you didnt pull it out? ;)) I hope the air patch doesn't get any bigger and I suggest the best way to ensure this would be complete rest and lots of sweeties. Its a well known remedy..I use it all the time ;)
Love and higs
jac xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily
Been reading your blog & keeping up to date with your progress, glad Julia was able to visit you last week.
My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family .
Love Janet xx

Anonymous said...

Hey emmy,
I'm sorry the drain was stupid and wouldn't stand up to your lung. I am crossing my fingers that it will get better without having another drain put in. I hope you're feeling cheerier today. You have all my thoughts and love with you.