Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Short entry (no honestly!) due to left hand resembling cartoon bandaged limb with unnecessary amounts of dressing, splinting and bandaging for what is essentially a tiny cannula just in a very tricky vein. It amuses me that I look perfectly well except for said mummyhand - had similar accessory last month which resulted a friend turning up and saying in horror “oh my god what happened?” obviously thinking I had omitted to tell her about a car crash incident or something). Anyway back to short update: Such a fantastic weekend…I went was allowed out for the full weekend (so overnight release for the first time in 5 ½ weeks) and it was so good!

I left the hospital Saturday afternoon with medication and IV bags packed for my first night at home. I set off with some trepidation I must admit, but I shouldn’t have worried. Saturday was lovely and relaxed, and then Sunday was my grandma’s birthday. A large wedge of family (including ex flat-mate who popped in to visit and was promptly scooped up by family and set down at a place setting) invaded a local Carvery and sat and had a lovely meal, then back to my parents for cake and cheese and crackers (as clearly we hadn’t been fed enough). The weather was lovely so we sat in the garden, chatting, eating, laughing, sporadic jibes at the younger members (GCSE related this time) and the odd flared temper and snappy comment - generally having a bog standard normal family get together. The perfect afternoon.

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Regaining my appetite then!

I dozed off in the afternoon and woke up about 9.45pm to find most people had left having tried in vain to say goodbye to me with limited success (I would open my eyes, make convincing sounding noises as if I was about to sit up and pay attention nicely then go back to sleep) but seeing as that night I also slept soundly, I obviously needed to catch up! I came back yesterday afternoon tired but refreshed. Lung continuing to be nice and inflatey, fluid is lessening and most excitingly, after 6 weeks, they mentioned the prospect of discharge for the first time! Plus of course writing this one-handed was an achievement in itself, so am off for a hot chocolate to celebrate!

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IVing nicely in the garden. Note v creative beanpole dripstand and fetching pinkcat IV carry case...


Anonymous said...

Fanastic news Em! Lets hope for an even bigger reason to celebrate next weekend eh?!

Em. x

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good weekend, pictures are great. Love the slippers!!!

Pauline x

Unknown said...

Glad you are home emily with family and loved ones. and I bet the bean pole worked better than the drip stand at the hospital.

Good luck for next weekend hope the weather is nice for you

Nicola said...

Awww I'm soo hungry and seeing that pic of your dinner is making me sooo jealous,hehe;)Glad to see you had the most comfortable chair,quite rightly so.I have my fingers crossed that they let you home soon:)

Muchly hugs sweetie:)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're feeling ok, and yey for a whole weekend at home! I showed my mum the pics you posted on your blog and she said "She looks so well - she has lovely skin"! What a mother thing to say! Loads of love xxx

Emmie said...

YAYAY!!! I love seeing happy smiley Emily pics and as for the beanpole dripstand...well looks like a certain Daddy excelled himself with that one ;o) xxx

lil fairy said...

WOOHOOO! missy you look fab in those piccies! glad you had a lovely weekend at home.
sending love and huggles

livvy said...

Great to see you looking happy and relaxed with your chappy and your handy bean pole! Dad's are so good at inventing helpful area's - so resourceful!
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday and hope I get the chance to say hello inbetween everyone else saying the same! Much love as always, xx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Emily glad u managed to escape home for weekend. Looks like nice n sunny sat out in garden etc.

Good to see you enjoying 'some social life' ;) :D

(((hugz))) 2 u Elaine Rach & family xxxx

Claire221082 said...

I recognise that lovely pink cat bag! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday
Mrs W

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

So great to see you out of hospital and enjoying yourself :)

Keep on smiling


Jenni said...

Yay! Its great to hear that after six weeks they are finally thinking of letting you escape!
And I love the pink cat bag! Its pink!
I'm glad you had fun.
Luv ya loads,
Jenni xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily - so lovely to see you last week - I'm sorry it was so fleeting!
Wonderful that you had such a lovely weekend at home as well..
Hope things continue to be rosy and even rosier in the weeks to come - the mention of possible discharge sounds promising indeed!!
Lots of love to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

Such good news and great to see you obviously feeling much better. Glad the lung is behaving, and fingers crossed tey'll let you out soon! Not that I'm sure you don't love it in there...!


Music_Mad_Nic said...

Great news. Great to hear you had a good weekend. Hopefully the next time you are out it shall be fr even longer.

I'm loving the pink carrying bag! I wants one! =)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got home for the weekend and, yes as a mummy, you do have beautiful skin. , Thought you might like to know that Katie and her dad went to Leeds festival working on the bars. They have collected over £100 in tips/donations while working which we will be putting onto the just giving site. Much love