Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Greetings from the wonderful world that is the CF ward, YAY!! I was transferred back over here yesterday, which is fantastic news. I was absolutely fine on the surgical ward, the staff are lovely and attentive and I was very comfortable, but the fact they felt I was ready to come back over, away from the building with the ICU in it shows that I am definitely making progress.

Whilst I remember, I must just clarify for people’s peace of mind that I am on the active transplant list at the moment. I was briefly taken off when I was too ill to undergo transplant, but am reinstated firmly on and have been for about a week now, so please don’t worry about that those of you who were.

After a complete whirlwind, things are slowly settling into a pattern, which considering it is a fairly stable one (touches all wood in the vicinity and more) is something of a relief to everyone. Obviously as things have improved physically it has hit me more and more mentally what I have just been through, but the only thing you should ever hang on to and savour from experiences like these is that ok yes I went through it but look I am still here, and that just reaffirms how tough my body is. I have been speaking loads to my family too, to fill in the gaps on the first few days which quite frankly were more unrealistic than neighbours in their drama filled capacity. Apparently there were nice glimpses of the real me even at the worst possible moments, when I would do or say something bossy/naughty/cheeky, which was reassuring to everyone. When they leaned over the bed and gently told me they were taking me briefly off suction to move me to a different room I removed my mask and firmly stated “you are NOT”. What a wonderful and cooperative patient I am.

According to Abby I also spent the afternoon in Epsom hospital smiling away confidently with my eyes closed saying “I’m fine now it’s all fine” caked in blood with chest drains and tubes everywhere yet due to the powers of morphine under the false impression I was convincing my friends and family who, credit to them, played along with good grace. They always do this bless them, as I tend to get a tad cross and irrational at monstrosities such as the straw being angled at a slightly awkward degree and therefore berate my mother with intense sulky facial expressions at which she hurriedly apologises over and over again. At least I wasn’t as rude this year as I was last year, when I had the ventilator in and was trying to spell out messages by drawing on my leg, and in my frustration at my mother not being able to comprehend the vague swirley motions wrote “and you call yourself a teacher”. How I earned the nickname “Angel” is quite beyond me, I believe I may have given it to myself at some point and then carried everyone else along in a wave of enthusiasm that perhaps I am some kind of angelic creature. Luckily only my family know better!

You can probably tell by the complete lack of direction in this blog that I am still on quite a lot of painkillers and also didn’t sleep much last night, but it feels good to “talk” as it were, as actual talking is still quite tiring and I am not managing to do quite as much of it as I would like. I have hopefully included a picture of what is obviously the key to my success and apparent 9-life ability – sweetiebobbles. Yay!

If it hasn't worked I think you can see it here:


Anonymous said...

Good morning princess of pink and teaspoons! I hope you are having a muchly resting day to try and make up for your wakeful night; obviously I have doubts about your restingness due to the appearance of a long blog entry but I'm sure the sweetiebobbles are keeping you going :)
~ James

Anonymous said...

Sweetiebobbles, who'd have thought?!...always one step ahead of science, our Em. Wonderful to hear from you cherub, and thankyou for the transplant info-i was musing on this for some time. Keep us posted missy, I have two furry kitten friends who would like to meet their auntie Em soon-they can relate to the nine-lives experience!!! ALL MY LOVE, Char xxxxxxxxxx p.s. i am raiding the cupboards for sweetiebobbles rations to bring to you-its amazing, we have a tin in there which I'm sure predates the Jurrassic period...along with a family of oxo cubes that have lost their direction in life...though I think you may be less interested in them! :p poor little guys.xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey hunni so glad your back on the CF ward! u must be over the moon to be back there. What a great pic of you! Take care keep up the speedy recovery lots of luv n hugs tasha x x x

Anonymous said...

I can just see the next edition of 'Casualty': "Nurse - the scalpel, cross match 'O' neg...and for God's sake, hurry with the sweetiebobbles!"

Keep in the pink hun!

Sasha said...

Hey sweetiebobble, you make me smile lots!
Thanks for being you.
Sasha xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you've got the essential sweetiebobbles by your side - how would you get through without them?! :) Always good to read a blog from you, and it's great to hear you're progressing day by day. Keep taking care of yourself, lots of love xxx
PS love the photo! x

God, Love, Life and Rugby said...

I started reading your blog after I found you through Just Giving. I'm running the hydro active challenge in London for Leukaemia Care.
Anyway I'm hooked on your blog, and you've already inspired me to register as an organ donor and I gave blood yesterday.
Keep blogging, keep safe and God Bless
Hannah x

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I find it rather unfair how someone can still look so smiley,and also so blinkin good lookin with an oxygen mask on ,and a chest drain in.;)

I honestly think that if they made an advert for Sweetiebobbles,and put your face on the little shakey tub,they would sell in their millions.

Head up young person,muchly hugs

nic x.

Anonymous said...

wahoo! sooooo nice to hear that you're back on old'foulis ward! hope you're feeling stronger. postman pat should pay a visit any day! loads of love and sparkly hugs. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Looking good Em,
Glad that your back posting updates. Jasmine sends lots of love and meows to help you get better. thinking of you all the time and can't wait to see you in September!!!
Love and big hugs

Emma L. said...

Hey hon

I have created myself a blog just so i can leave you a message as it seems to be the easiest way to say hi! I am so glad that you are feeling better and i am still hoping to get down to see you this summer! Thinking of you lots! Big hugs from Leeds Emma (lindop) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
So glad to hear you're making a speedy recovery. Rest and recover so you can get back into training for the Big Race!!Thinking of you.
Love to Mum,Dad,Lucy,Abby and Adam.
Much love Julia xxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Emily glad to hear you improving and sending best wishes to you. Look out for a cards on the way to you ;) Hope it gets to You soon from us. :D

(((hugz))) Elaine & Rach :D xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily

Ah even going through such a tough time your blog is still so comical... im sitting in an internet cafe in Darwin Australia laughing to myself like a madwoman! Take care and keep up the progress
love Hollyxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
Go easy on the sweetybobbles - can't have you trying to do the last part of the run with wobbly love handles!
Hurrah for you being so strong for one so tiny.
Keep getting better, Audrey xx